Active questions tagged microsoft-office-2016 - Super User most recent 30 from 2018-09-20T09:11:36Z 0 Microsoft Word/Excel equivalent to the "Search the Menus" functionality of Google Docs/Sheets Anonymous 2018-09-17T18:51:38Z 2018-09-17T21:44:46Z <p>In Google Docs/Sheets, I can hit <code>Alt-/</code> (<code>M-/</code> for Emacs users :) ) to bring up a menu that allows me to quickly search all the menus for a particular function and to select that function with <code>[Enter]</code> (e.g. bold, create bullet listed, change font size). This is particularly helpful because it allows me to continue typing without switching to the mouse. Is there an equivalent function within Microsoft Office 2016/Word/Excel?</p> 7 Word hyphenation feature is not available FiveO 2015-09-30T07:47:04Z 2018-09-16T11:00:21Z <p>When opening a Document in Word 2016, I always get the following error message </p> <blockquote> <p>Word hyphenation feature is not available. Run the Microsoft Office Setup program, install this feature an then try again</p> </blockquote> <p><a href="" rel="noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p>But there is no such option to add the feature in the Office 2016 Setup? </p> <p><strong>How can I add this feature to Word in Office 2016?</strong></p> 0 Access 2016 - Command Button Wizard will not appear roberto tomás 2017-03-27T14:35:45Z 2018-09-10T04:21:02Z <p>I am on windows 10 with office 2016. I am following along with <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">this tutorial</a> and running into an issue.</p> <p>The text describes the third step of the method as placing the button from <em>Form Layout View</em> (step 1). There is no <em>form layout view</em>, there are <em>form view</em> and <em>layout view</em>. <em>form view</em> has no design tab, so we can't place a button. That leads me to think "it must be layout view".</p> <p>When you place the button, step 4 says the <strong>Command Button Wizard</strong> will appear. It does not appear. Looking at the dropdown for the options for the controls on the right, I see <em>Use Control Wizards</em> is selected (it is darkened). The button places just fine, but no dialog appears.</p> <p>This led me to believe that maybe a different view is appropriate. There are only 3 views listed and I've already explored 2. So I looked at <em>Design View</em> next. It also shows the <em>use control wizards</em> option as selected, but placing the button does not produce the wizard.</p> <p>I went on to read about how to set up a button without the wizard. It says that you can change the values of the properties: <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a> (see step 7)</p> <p>However, in my experience, the properties are listed (on the right), but not their values. double clicking or otherwise trying to set a value for a field, for example Name, does not work. Is there a some setup we need to do with a database before these things work properly?</p> <p><strong><em>edit</strong> - I found a part of my problem, the property sheet on the right was too narrow to show the values. dragging it out I see the key-value pairs for each property of the object I am inspecting on the form. I still don't know how to use this to set up a new record, but, at least I am getting somewhere.</em></p> <p>Finally, I started to build event, hoping I could do it that way. That brings up VisualBasic. The left panel there has properties for the button, both the property keys and their values. It is editable (!!).</p> <p>This is where I get confused. What should I do to make a new record? I don't see how to do this using properties, I'm not sure how the wizard works for this action.</p> <p>If I write the VB code like:</p> <pre><code>Option Compare Database Private Sub New_Record_Click() DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO [Order items] ([Order ID], [Menu Item ID], [Quantity ID]) VALUES (Me.Text43.Value, Me.Combo16.Value, Me.Quantity.Value)" End Sub </code></pre> <p>It appears to do nothing when I click that button in form view: I don't see the a new record when I change some fields and do this.</p> <p><em>• <strong>edit</strong>: I found that somehow I had <code>New_Record_Click</code>, probably from an earlier attempt at the button, and that was the reason. from there I was able to debug the script. It still prompts that you are about the add a row, though (probably a good thing really). This produces a solution but does not debug the wizard. I could still use help. Here's the working code:</em></p> <pre><code>Private Sub NewRecord_Click() DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO [Order items] ([Order ID], [Menu Item ID], [Quantity]) VALUES (" &amp; Me.Text43.Value &amp; ", " &amp; Me.Combo16.Value &amp; ", " &amp; Me.Quantity.Value &amp; ")" End Sub </code></pre> 0 Prevent copy & pasted Excel chart from updating automatically Haris 2017-09-06T13:58:54Z 2018-09-10T00:15:21Z <p>Using a slicer in Excel, I am cycling through various categories and copy-pasting charts to a PowerPoint presentation. Unfortunately as soon as I switch the category, the copy-pasted chart updates in PowerPoint. </p> <p>I was able to overcome this issue previously by using a virtual machine and running Excel in said virtual machine. If copy &amp; pasted that way, the charts in PowerPoint wouldn't automatically update subsequently. However I don't have access to this particular workaround anymore. The update properties for linked data files in PowerPoint are set to manual and update automatically is unchecked.</p> <p>Pasting as an image is not an option because there is always a chance that someone who is looking at that presentation might want to make some last-minute changes to the chart. (i.e. Changing the wording of chart titles or something like that)</p> 0 Making small caps in Word 2016 for Mac Sarah 2015-11-19T16:51:33Z 2018-09-08T09:00:32Z <p>How do I make small caps in Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac? The keyboard shortcut isn't working and the option no longer appears on the tool bar</p> 0 How to change the Personal/Shared/Custom Template heading in File, New in Word, Excel and other office applications Tiago Duarte 2018-09-06T14:09:45Z 2018-09-07T12:08:32Z <p>Word (Office) allows us to configure a templates location.</p> <p>We can configure it in 3 ways:</p> <ol> <li>Personal folder set, Shared folder unset ("Personal" heading)</li> <li>Shared folder set, Personal folder unset ("Shared" heading)</li> <li>Both folders set ("Custom" heading)</li> </ol> <p>Unfortunately, none of this headings are meaningful to us and we would like to have our own heading in there.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Early research</a> tells me this isn't possible, but I though I posted anyway in hopes that someone has a nifty way of doing it :-)</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p>edit: currently researching spotlight providers</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> 0 Office 2016 does not activate juergen d 2018-09-04T19:34:53Z 2018-09-07T01:35:20Z <p>I just bought Office 2016 Standard edition. I installed it, ran Windows Update to get the latest patches and now I want to activate Office.</p> <p>In the activation dialog I can either login to an account having a license or enter the product key.</p> <p>I enter the product key, Office accepts it but the next time I start Office it asks me again for the key. But I did not get any error entering the key.</p> <p>What can I do now?</p> -2 Migrate Office 2010 (with settings, templates, emails, signatures ...) to new install of Office 365 on another PC haemse 2018-09-06T12:21:20Z 2018-09-06T12:21:20Z <p>Id like to install the newest MS Office of my Office 365 account on my new notebook with a fresh windows 10 installation.</p> <p>Well, how do I make all settings, templates, emails, signatures etc. from my old notebook (Office 2010) available on the installation on my new notebook?</p> 6 How to disable Outlook 2016 search history? guest 2016-06-15T14:21:29Z 2018-09-05T21:00:48Z <p>I just updated to Office 2016. I'm not a fan of the recent search dropdown list when you click on the search box in Outlook (refer to image posted below). Does anyone know how to disable this? </p> <p><a href="" rel="noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> 1 How to disable/enable office clipboard IGRACH 2018-09-01T20:54:22Z 2018-09-04T13:05:59Z <p><strong>Question:</strong> Is there any way that you can disable clipboard in Office 2016? </p> <p>I don't mean show/hide status when coping or similar stuff from clipboard options. I mean to completely turn it off. It so intrusive that you cant turn it off from the application itself. Also it's a privacy concern because everything that you copy on your device goes there if any application (Excel, Word, etc.) is open. If they are all closed it will copy system clipboard to Office clipboard when you start Word/Excel. </p> <p>I'm looking for any kind of solution (3rd party, registry, etc...). I have Win 7/64 bit and Office 2016/64 bit. </p> 0 Excel language change from local to english - win7 JSF 2018-08-30T07:15:26Z 2018-08-30T07:23:38Z <p>I want to change the language in Excel* (office package) from Danish to English on my firm computer with Win7 enterprise**. </p> <p>I have been through online guidelines and changed to: </p> <ul> <li><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Display language</a> = English</li> <li><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">System Local</a> = English (USA)</li> <li><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Default input</a> = English (US)</li> <li><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Editing language</a> (in excel) = English (USA)</li> <li>User interface (in excel) = Same as in Microsoft windows </li> <li>Help language (in excel) = Same as in User interface </li> </ul> <p>And still my office products remain in local language. So I am out of ideas.</p> <p>Could some one please assist?</p> <p>*Microsoft Excel 2016 MSO (16.0.9126.2259) 64-bit </p> <p>**windows 7 enterprise - service pack 1</p> 0 Any way to see Powerpoint 2016 slide timings in presenter view? Zoey Boles 2018-08-29T04:00:02Z 2018-08-29T04:00:02Z <p>I swear, last time I used Powerpoint, there was a way to see your timings in presenter view. Or at least a progressive time bar that gave you a visual idea of where you were in your presentation.</p> <p>I'm giving a presentation with 65 slides, which needs to be done in 50 minutes. Some of the slides contain videos that last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.</p> <p>Short of hand-calculating elapsed times to put into my notes, is there any good way to get a "faster/slower" idea of elapsed time?</p> <p>I used the rehearsal feature to see how long each slide should take, give or take, but I don't want slides auto advancing if I can avoid it. If the audience is busy laughing or whatever, I don't want to have to trample them to keep up with the train.</p> <p>I've seen similar questions on a search, but they're all pretty old or involve creating macros and copy-pasting objects across my slideshow. I'd rather avoid that mess if I could.</p> <p>I might break down and just put the timings in the notes, and/or make the slides auto-advance with "worst case" timing, but...</p> <p>...geez, I wish I knew where I was getting this memory of a timer bar in the interface. The memory is cool; it used slide timings to basically show you two bars: One was total elapsed time, and the other one was a +/- graph that would let you know how ahead or behind you were in the presentation based on elapsed time and the current slide. Man, that would be fantastically useful.</p> 0 App not available under a non-admin user itsmikem 2018-08-29T00:40:46Z 2018-08-29T00:40:46Z <p>I created a non-admin account on my Windows 10 laptop with Microsoft Office but PowerPoint is not present. It's available and working fine under the admin account. In the non-admin account, when I go to Windows 10 <code>Settings/Apps/Apps &amp; features</code>, PowerPoint isn't even listed, so there is no "repair" button to click. I clicked repair under my admin account, and it still isn't available in the non-admin account. How do I make it available for my non-admin user account? </p> 0 How to collapse/expand all headings of a specific level in MS Word nam 2018-08-27T19:39:16Z 2018-08-29T00:02:56Z <p>For instance: how can we collapse all <code>Heading 4</code> throughout the document in one operation? We are using Office 2016.</p> 0 PDFMOutlookAddin.dll not compatible with Outlook 2016 Jen Scott 2015-09-29T14:00:13Z 2018-08-20T19:00:38Z <p>Adobe has informed me that the reason I can no longer print PDF Portfolios from email is that they have not yet patched their PDF plug-in (PDFMOutlookAddin.dll) to work with Outlook 2016, despite the fact that Office 2016 is now the only download option from Office 365. </p> <p>I use Acrobat Standard XI. Adobe told however that they have no timetable for making XI or DC compatible.</p> <p>Does anyone know if it's possible to brute force patch my own PDFMaker driver plug-in? Or is there a secret nightly release candidate community that might be willing to share?</p> 8 Multiple instances upon opening multiple Office Documents Rand Random 2017-11-23T07:47:44Z 2018-08-14T16:38:05Z <p>Starting with Version <code>16.0.8625.2121</code> of Office (tested with Word and Excel) - when you select multiple documents in the Explorer and hit Enter to open them, you will end up with instances to the count of the previous selected documents.</p> <p>To reproduce do the following steps: </p> <ul> <li>Create 2 empty Excel Workbooks anywhere on your machine </li> <li>Select those 2 files </li> <li>Hit Enter </li> <li>Check Taskmanager and you will see 2 instances of Excel</li> </ul> <p>In earlier versions than <code>16.0.8625.2121</code> you would end up with only 1 instance.</p> <p>Tested with </p> <ul> <li><p><code>16.0.4266.1003</code> - pretty old image we had around than we updated to newer versions with </p> <pre><code>officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.xxxx.yyyy </code></pre></li> </ul> <p>Re-tested step by step with those new builds: </p> <ul> <li>16.0.8431.2094 </li> <li>16.0.8431.2107 </li> <li>16.0.8528.2139 </li> <li>16.0.8528.2147</li> </ul> <p>Before the obvious gets mentioned, <code>DisableMergeInstance</code> isnt set.</p> <p>Is that a new "feature" or a bug? I believe its a bug.</p> <p>Is there a way around it?</p> <p><strong>Further information:</strong></p> <p>We tested this behaviour with (always latest version)</p> <ul> <li>Windows 7 + Office 2016 - misbehavior happens</li> <li>Windows 10 + Office 2016 - misbehavior happens</li> </ul> <p>Also checked older Office Version to make sure that this is a Office 2016 Thing</p> <ul> <li>Windows 8 + Office 2013 - doesnt happen</li> <li>Windows 7 + Office 2010 - doesnt happen</li> <li>Windows 10 + Office 2010 - doesnt happen</li> <li>Windows 10 + Office 2013 - doesnt happen</li> </ul> 0 How can I disable the cursor animation in MS Office 2016/Windows 7? Time4Tea 2018-07-23T14:00:06Z 2018-08-13T14:25:12Z <p>The animated cursor that Microsoft have introduced in recent versions of Office drives me absolutely crazy - I simply must have it disabled. I am using Office 2016/Office 365 with Windows 7 and previously I had disabled the animation by following the instructions given in this answer: <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>However, it seems that something has updated overnight (it's a company-administrated work laptop) and now the cursor animation has returned. I've tried both of the suggestions in that answer (using the ../Software/Microsoft/Office/16.0/.. registry folder for Office 2016), but neither has worked and the animation has not been disabled.</p> <p>Has anyone else experienced this with Office 2016/Window 7? Is there anything else I can try?</p> 0 Outlook New email Envelope Icon disappears before new emails are red David Golding 2018-07-26T15:11:03Z 2018-07-26T15:11:03Z <p>We have a user that when they get a new email has the usual prompts and notifications. However when they click on the Outlook inbox or another email that has already been read, the envelope icon disappears. </p> <p>I've already looked in the settings and can't find anyway to extend or change the amount of time that the envelope stays visible.</p> <p>Most posts I've found are trying to either trying to remove or add the notification. The notification is there and stays until you interact with the inbox.</p> <p>Any help greatly appreciated.</p> 0 Word (2016 or 365) can't edit embedded Visio objects, with Visio 2016 installed RLH 2018-07-23T15:20:20Z 2018-07-24T19:28:47Z <p>I just started working for a new employer that makes heavy use of Visio. I need to manage some existing documents, and one change that's been requested of me is that I make some minor changes to an embedded Visio object on the document.</p> <p>When I double click on the object, I get an error message that states</p> <blockquote> <p>The server application, source file, or item cannot be found.</p> <p>Make sure the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, renamed, or blocked by policy.</p> </blockquote> <p>Regarding environment, I'm using 64-bit Windows 10 Pro and all of these install attempts are with 64-bit versions. Originally, I had Office 2016 Pro installed, as well as Visio 2016. I first installed Office, then Visio. These were separate installs and from my experience, I haven't found an integrated Office installation with Word/Excel/Access/etc. <em>and</em> Visio. </p> <p>After multiple attempts with Office 2016/Visio 2016 failed and attempting after repairing both installs, I uninstalled both, installed Office 365 (downloaded from and then re-installed Visio 2016. Again, this failed, even after repairing both installs.</p> <p>To be clear, the object is certainly a Visio embedded object. My co-worker can double-click on these objects on his machine and modify them within Word. If he right-clicks on the object, he can see details stating it's a Visio object. When I right-click on the object, I see an "Unknown object..." menu option.</p> <p>What might I be doing wrong in setting up Office with Visio?</p> <p>FYI, I was given access to Office 365, and I also have an MSDN account. I can install Office 2016 or use the Office 365 install-- my employer doesn't have a preference, so long as I can do my job and change embedded Visio objects within Office documents. Any clue what's going on and how to fix it, or how to further diagnose the problem?</p> <p><strong>UPDATE</strong></p> <p>Here are the current version details for these installed applications.</p> <p><strong>Word 2016</strong>: Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, version 1807 (Build 10325.20082 Click-to-Run)</p> <p><strong>Visio 2016</strong>: Microsoft Visio Professional 2016, version 1807 (Build 10325.20082 Click-to-Run)</p> 1 Word 2013 - How to create separate Table of Figures List of Tables Jennifer Willard 2016-01-14T20:42:23Z 2018-07-09T19:49:29Z <p>Using the automated Caption feature (Word 2013), how do I create separate TOC's for Table of Figures and List of Tables? They will follow below the main Table of contents (TOC) of the larger main document. Inserting table of Figures is not pulling in the hyperlink in order to build the separate List of Figures or the List of Tables.</p> 0 Set Office 2016 default Browse Location Joel Coehoorn 2018-06-01T15:57:29Z 2018-06-01T16:09:01Z <p>In Office 2016, when you go to open or save a file, you will see a page with a <code>Browse</code> button as part of this view:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="MS Word Open File Browse Button"></a></p> <p>I've edited this image slightly for simplicity, but the view is similar whether you choose <code>Open</code>, <code>Save</code>, or <code>Save As</code>, and it is also similar for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, where the only real variance is the color depending on which program you're using.</p> <p>It seems like this browse button opens the traditional Windows file browser dialog, set to start in your home folder by default. </p> <p>I'm setting up an Office installation for a company, where I want to change this location to instead point to a known network share. There is a mapped drive for this location, but I actually want to use a nested folder within this network drive.</p> <p>Further, I would like this change to apply to <em>all</em> the users on a system. This is one part of a project that will eventually produce a new stock system reference image for PCs at this company (using Windows 10x64 1803 as the base). If Group Policy is a better way to control this we can use that, too, but for complicated reasons I'd prefer to set this in our reference image. The important idea is that no matter which user (in an Active Directory domain) ends up logging into a computer, they will get the correct location when they first use the <code>Browse</code> button.</p> <p>How can I set the default initial folder for that <code>Browse</code> button?</p> <p><strong>Bonus Question:</strong> The <code>This PC</code> section from the included image shows a more modern view just to the right of the pictured view. How can I pin my network location into that space? Again, Group Policy is an option if necessary.</p> 2 Is it possible to enable logging or any kind of debug mode for the Office Deployment Tool? user568458 2015-11-20T12:32:56Z 2018-05-31T01:34:53Z <p>I'm having <a href="">a difficult issue with installing Office 2016 using the Office Deployment Tool (ODT)</a>. The problem is compounded by the fact that I can't see any way to get information about what ODT is actually doing - it simply gives this vague status message, and no other information beyond error messages (and I've extracted as much relevant info from those as I can).</p> <blockquote> <p>We're getting things ready</p> </blockquote> <p>According to <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">this MS blog article from 2010</a>, for earlier versions of Office it was possible to enable "Verbose logging" for their installers:</p> <blockquote> <p>The first thing to do when troubleshooting Office install failures is to ensure that MSI verbose logging is enabled. In Office 2007/2010 there is a setup.exe log file that gets created by default, but it does not give the amount of detail that is usually required to diagnose an installation failure. With verbose MSI logging enabled we will get a verbose log file for each component that Office 2007/2010 installs. We will have a verbose log for the install of the Word component, one for Excel, and so on.</p> <p>To enable verbose logging you will want to set the following registry keys.</p> <pre><code> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer] "Debug"=dword:00000007 "Logging"="voicewarmup" </code></pre> </blockquote> <p>However, this is specific to the old installation procedure which appears to have been per application ("a verbose log for the install of the Word component, one for Excel, and so on"), whereas my understanding is that ODT (introduced with Office 2013) installs them all as one.</p> <p>Is there anything like this that allows verbose logging, or any other form of debugging, for installs using the Office Deployment Tool with Office 2016?</p> 1 How to move the Microsoft Office File Cache when using Office 2016 and the Next Generation OneDrive Sync Client? Hauke P. 2017-08-07T06:35:45Z 2018-05-29T18:47:55Z <p>I have Office 2016 and use the Next Generation OneDrive Sync Client, both running under Windows 10.</p> <p>My computer has two drives with one partition each:</p> <ul> <li>C: a small solid state disk for OS, applications and some hand-selected files that require high access speeds</li> <li>E: a large hard disk drive</li> </ul> <p>My OneDrive libraries are set to sync with folders on drive E:.</p> <p>I have attempted to upload 135 GB data spread over 85,377 files in 9,273 folders into one of my OneDrive libraries. During upload I realized that OneDrive builds up a huge <code>OfficeFileCache</code> in <code>C:\Users\Hauke\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache</code>. The <code>OfficeFileCache</code> grew to 25 GB in size - and then my C: drive was full. When this point was reached, OneDrive stopped working with the helpful error message "OneDrive stopped working".</p> <p>I want to keep my <code>OfficeFileCache</code>, and especially I want to keep cached files for the default 14 days. But I want the cache to be built on the E: drive.</p> <p>So my question boils down to: <strong>How do I tell my system to build the <code>OfficeFileCache</code> on the E: drive instead of the C: drive?</strong></p> <hr> <p>By the way: I already tried to modify the system registry as suggested here: <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a> Unfortunately the key <code>OfficeCacheLocation</code> does not seem to be respected by Office 2016 or the Next Generation OneDrive Sync Client, neither in <code>HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Internet</code> nor in the <code>...\16.0\...</code> one.</p> 3 Disable ADAL via Registry per computer Michael Frank 2017-09-18T23:13:27Z 2018-05-24T13:19:06Z <p>As part of a project I am part of, we have need to disable Azure Active Directory Authentication Libraries (ADAL) within Office for all users to allow cross domain access to legacy SharePoint sites.</p> <p>Currently we can set this on a per user basis with:</p> <pre><code>[HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity] "EnableADAL"=dword:00000000 </code></pre> <p>What we would like is to make this change at the Local Machine level.</p> <p>I have checked in <code>HKLM</code>, but there is no matching key at the <code>\Identity</code> level.</p> <p>Will simply creating the <code>key</code> and <code>dword</code> be enough to apply this fix to the entire computer?</p> -1 MS Office 2016 Standard MAK product key migration Alone 2018-05-11T10:05:48Z 2018-05-22T07:59:53Z <p>Office 2016 Standard MAK Keys reached to its maximum limit , so we want to remove one of our activated MS Office 2016 Product key and move it to the another PC with the un-activated MS Office 2016 .</p> 4 How to completely remove account and data from Outlook 2016 for MAC? user1563721 2015-07-22T19:05:33Z 2018-05-21T09:15:34Z <p>I would like to know how to completely remove account and all of its related data from Outlook 2016 for MAC.</p> <p>The account can be removed from preferences of Outlook 2016.</p> <p>But where are all data stored that should be deleted in order to be sure that there are nothing left? Where are stored on MAC OS X?</p> <p>The other accounts in Outlook 2016 should be untouched.</p> 0 Publisher - Unable to print custom paper size of 8.5 x 13 KrixMux Deadpool 2018-05-08T03:05:12Z 2018-05-08T03:05:12Z <p>I have a problem printing my documents in Publisher, the paper size is 8.5 x 13.</p> <p>The printer is Epson L210, the driver is the latest version at all so I don't know why its happening.</p> <p>These only happen in Publisher. </p> <p>I created the paper size in 8.5 x 13, but every time I print it, the size is automatically setting into 8.5 x 14. I also notice that the margin is automatically changing even though I set it to narrow and I wasn't able to define a custom paper size on the print.</p> <p>Here's the preview of document <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">enter image description here</a></p> <p>Here's the print preview, notice that the margin is automatically changed <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">enter image description here</a></p> <p>I wasn't able to define a custom paper size <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">enter image description here</a></p> 0 Microsoft Office 2016 Word crashes when starting www139 2018-04-24T00:34:11Z 2018-04-24T01:43:44Z <p>The program seems to launch correctly. When I launch it, the interface appears but the program freezes immediately afterward with the message "Microsoft Word has stopped working". I tried uninstalling Office and then reinstalling. I've also tried running the repair tool. I have no add-ons installed. The host machine is running Windows 7 x86. Word is able to start in safe mode (<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a>).</p> <p>How can I fix this? Thanks.</p> 0 Unable to generate a report in microsoft word 2016 Stacey 2018-04-19T01:12:17Z 2018-04-19T01:12:17Z <p>Error calling external object function add at line 14 in function fnv_ add_template of object unv_word_ole.</p> <p>Line: 14 Object: unv_word_ole Event/Method: fnv_add_template</p> 1 How can I turn Word 2016 hypenation ON? Jonathan Hayward 2018-04-16T21:27:14Z 2018-04-18T06:52:49Z <p><a href="">This question</a> is a question that asks how to turn hyphenation ON, and the comment and downvoted answer both say, "Here's what you need to do to turn hyphenation OFF."</p> <p>What I've gathered is that hyphenation is something that you're supposed to turn on in Office Setup. However, Office Setup as I have been able to access it now doesn't appear to offer any choices (other than continuing in the process). It's not a multistep setup wizard that obviously lets you choose between typical and custom installations and choose complete installations.</p> <p>So, a couple of questions:</p> <ol> <li><p>Is the correct tool Office Setup or something else?</p></li> <li><p>Is there UI, perhaps not visually highlighted, that can be used to turn on this feature?</p></li> <li><p>As, in my case, the user wants to have hyphenation working in Russian as well as English, what do I need to install so that text in both languages is hyphenated? Do I install a language pack, or a hyphenation dictionary, or something else?</p></li> </ol> <p>Thanks,</p>