Active questions tagged windows - Super User most recent 30 from 2018-09-23T12:45:34Z 9 How to create a new text document (TXT) file by a Hotkey? Stamimail 2016-06-20T08:15:00Z 2018-09-23T12:43:07Z <p>OS: Windows (Windows Explorer). </p> <p>I'm frequently using: RightClick &rarr; New &rarr; Text Document</p> <p>It lets you to name the file before opening and saving it. Is there a solution to run a script by a Hotkey and get it? (<em>No matter what the Keyboard Layout is</em>)</p> <p>Maybe this can help <a href="">&quot;Create new text document&quot; option missing from context menu</a></p> 0 How to create multiple folders automatically as per file names in Windows 10 using CMD? Snigdha Soumya Paul 2018-09-23T10:38:34Z 2018-09-23T11:15:15Z <p>Multiple files with the same name is to be placed in a single folder</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="Multiple files with the same name is to be placed in a single folder"></a></p> <ol> <li><p>Need to create folders as per the file name. For Example, if there are files A.pdf, A.doc, B.doc and B.pdf inside a folder. I need to create a Folder A where the files A.pdf and A.doc is to be placed and Another Folder B where the files B.pdf and B.doc is to be placed.</p></li> <li><p>Need to perform this job in the shortest possible way as there are huge no. of files like that. </p></li> </ol> 0 Editing System Environemt Variables is allowed only when opened through Control Panel HeyJude 2018-09-23T08:58:49Z 2018-09-23T10:54:32Z <p>On Windows 10, if I open the Environment Variables window directly through Windows Search, I can't edit the System Variables (buttons are disabled):</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p>However, opening it through Control Panel (Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables) enables editing:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p>Maybe related: I recently editted some registry keys related to Users. </p> <p>I'd like to be able to edit System Variables either way.</p> 5 High memory usage when opening Powershell prompt dig412 2017-09-18T16:07:43Z 2018-09-23T10:53:12Z <p>Whenever I open a Powershell prompt either via the built in shell or through ConEmu, Powershell's memory usage is excessively high - usually around 1.5 Gb.</p> <p>It's worse opening as an Administrator where it jumps between 1Gb and 2Gb roughly every second.</p> <p>Removing everything from my <code>~/Documents/WindowsPowerShell/Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1</code> file has no effect.</p> <p>Running <code>[System.Gc]::Collect()</code> takes memory usage down to ~30Mb and it stays that way.</p> <p>How can I find out what is causing this high usage? Most Powershell memory advice I can find is to do with high usage when running scripts whereas my shell appears to be doing nothing.</p> <p>Windows 10, Build 1703.</p> 0 Can't remove unneeded keyboard layouts - no such setting anywhere szx 2018-09-23T09:59:14Z 2018-09-23T10:22:57Z <p>After I have installed Office 2016 Home and Student (en-us version) it automatically added two new keyboard layouts - English UK and English International in addition to my existing other layouts (English US and Russian). I'm trying to get rid of these new keyboard layouts but I absolutely cannot find an option to remove them ANYWHERE - not in Control Panel, not in Settings...</p> <p>I have no "languages" section in Control panel, no "choose your langauge preferences" or whatever. In the new Settings thing these new languages are not shown in the list of languages, I can't remove them!</p> <p>Does anybody know how to remove these new keyboard layouts? And why did Office add them in the first place?</p> <p>Screenshots of my settings:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p>None of these solutions worked for me:</p> <p><a href="">Remove automatically added keyboard inputs and prevent them from coming back (Windows 10)</a></p> 0 Disable auto-lock in Windows 10 (domain account) GTHvidsten 2018-09-23T10:03:05Z 2018-09-23T10:03:05Z <p>I have just installed Windows 10 1803 and joined the computer to my domain. A short while after the display goes into power save mode, the computer also locks so that I have to type the user's password to unlock.</p> <p>I have already tried editing <code>HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\7516b95f-f776-4464-8c53-06167f40cc99\8EC4B3A5-6868-48c2-BE75-4F3044BE88A7</code> and set <code>Attributes</code> to <code>2</code> to enable "Console lock display off timeout" in the display power options, but increasing that value has no effect. This lead me to believe there is a domain policy somewhere that overrides this setting.</p> <p>I found something about <code>Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Interactive Logon: Machine Inactivity Limit</code>, but this just turns on the screensaver after some time, instead of locking after display has entered power save.</p> <p>So, is there some other local property I can change, or do I have to modify some domain policy, if so; which?</p> 5 How safely does reinstalling Windows wipe old data? Yann 2018-09-21T18:49:31Z 2018-09-23T09:20:12Z <p>I've got a set of computers that have had privileged information on that I want to be able to re-use. If I used a Windows boot drive to re-install Windows, how sufficient would that be towards keeping the old data safe?</p> <p>I'm aware that the only sure way to secure the data is by grinding the hard drives (HDD for my purpose, but for the sake of a more useful reference, if there's any difference for an SSD I'd like to know that too) into a fine powder, but how 'good enough' is it? If it's not good enough, is there an alternative that leaves the hardware intact that is functionally good enough, assuming that incredibly powerful people don't want my data, who'd just break out the pliers and get it anyway.</p> <p>I don't have any particular threat model - I'm talking about handing over the hardware and never looking at it again, and honestly don't know how to construct a threat model. There would be legal ramifications if the data could be recovered, if that helps address the "how worried are you" kind of question in the comments.</p> <p>Extra points that I'm interested in, but are tangentially related to the question so aren't required for an answer is; what other issues am I likely to run into if I were to give/sell these computers on? (My organisation owns the computers and the licences for Windows, and would like to offer them to employees once we're done with them). I believe there's an issue with transferring the Windows licence, for example.</p> 0 I am using proxy to connect to internet. But windows 10 is unable to use it to download updates user514915 2018-09-23T09:13:26Z 2018-09-23T09:13:26Z <p>It is stuck at Getting things ready 0%.</p> <p>I have already used netsh winhttp set proxy command to set proxy. Nothing useful.</p> 0 How to restore http service on Windows 10 while accidentally removed the service [duplicate] Cunning 2018-09-23T08:45:05Z 2018-09-23T08:53:00Z <div class="question-status question-originals-of-duplicate"> <p>This question already has an answer here:</p> <ul> <li> <a href="/questions/416712/how-to-re-install-http-windows-service" dir="ltr">How to re-install http windows service</a> <span class="question-originals-answer-count"> 2 answers </span> </li> </ul> </div> <p>While installing Apache as a service, I have accidentally removed Windows' default http service. Now many dependant services don't work and I can't get it back.</p> <p>Is there a way (beside restore points since it's been a while and I noticed this too late) to fix this both as a service and in the registry?</p> <p>What I have done:</p> <ol> <li>Installed Apache using <code>http -k -n "http"</code> command.</li> <li>Noticed that I have misspelled <code>httpd</code> and typed <code>http</code> instead.</li> <li>Removed the service using <code>sc delete http</code></li> <li>Reinstalled Apache using <code>http -k -n "httpd"</code></li> <li>Found out spooler isn't starting.</li> <li>Searched the web and found <code>http</code> was a Windows service required for many discovery tasks.</li> <li>Panicked </li> </ol> 1 Windows update stuck, no error code, no time out... gcb 2013-12-27T21:23:51Z 2018-09-23T08:01:39Z <p>Fresh install of Windows7, i think the only things installed so far are the nvidia drivers, windows essential AV, and some other device drivers such as wifi.</p> <p>There are tons of updates. it downloads some in the background and the first time i reboot, it shows the usual installing updates. All goes well. Next day, it is trying to install updates from a total of 66. it hangs on 21. the disc is spinning just fine.</p> <p>I left it there and go to sleep. this morning it is still on the very same state (8+ hours!)</p> <p>It is a passive cooled system that uses the metal case as cooling, so i can touch it and feel if the temperature is on the high 50C or lower 60C... it usually stays on high 50C if it is completely idle for some time and lower 60C if it is doing work on the CPU... it was in the lower end temp, which led me to believe it was doing nothing all that time.</p> <p>I forced a shutdown by pressing the power button for 4sec. it booted up, i selected to start windows normaly and it rebooted instead of showing the login screen, and then rebooted to the 'removing badly installed updates' or something on those lines screen and then system was usable.</p> <p>I selected all the security updates and installed them actively, it now hang on number 17, kb2653956, nothing breaks, there is no weird process doing extra work as far as i can tell. the progress bar lights up as if it were working. nothing is abnormal, despite this update never installing.</p> <p>after several hours i clicked cancel. now it is there, but saying canceling update 17, and the cancel button is disabled. I'm sure it is not going anywhere again.</p> <p>I did a full backup via windows right before the update... but never used windows backups for anything, so i'm not sure if there's anything useful there.</p> <p>Everything i found about updates not installing people report an error code. i get nothing. just takes forever and does nothing.</p> <p>the history shows a bunch of the failed ones from when i reboot, that the logs only have day, not hour, so i'm not sure if the order will hint at the first one that 'failed'. does it? And the shutdown screen also has no info at all, so i have no idea if the KB# that is hanging now is the same one that hang when it was installing during shutdown...</p> <p>how should i fix/debug this issue?</p> 2 Windows 7 64-bit System Repair Loop iamIcarus 2015-05-04T20:29:47Z 2018-09-23T07:00:42Z <p>My system is stuck on System Repair Loop. The Windows System Repair fails to repair with error "Missing OSLoader"</p> <p>I tried to fix with a solution suggested in a Windows forum: <em><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Automated Startup Repair fails. Cannot find OS Loader</a></em>, but the command</p> <pre><code>bootrec /rebuildbcd </code></pre> <p>returns</p> <pre><code>Total identified windows installations:0 </code></pre> <p>Any ideas how to fix the bootloader? </p> 0 Windows 7 "Setup is starting" freezes Nour 2014-02-14T13:37:52Z 2018-09-23T07:00:42Z <p>I have HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC ,it came with 2 drives, C &amp; Recovery. I re-partitioned the hard using a windows 7 bootable dvd, I deleted the 2 drives, and then created a C and another one, installed the windows on the C and everything was ok until I restarted the computer, the windows didn't start, I forced it shut down, and then tried to re-install the windows again but it freezes on 'Setup is starting' screen.</p> <p>I searched the problem, solutions like 'disable fdd' or 'disable non-essentials' didn't work, actually the bios screen doesn't give me many options, the menus are :</p> <p>Main -- the device features</p> <p>Security -- Power-on password</p> <p>Diagnostics -- Primary Hard Disk &amp; Memory test</p> <p>System Configuration -- Language, Card Reader / 1349 Power Saving, Fan always On (enable/disable) &amp; Boot options.</p> <p>I even tried to boot from a USB drive but this too didn't work, since the Boot options only supports the following:</p> <p>CD-ROM, Floppy &amp; Internal Network Adapter boot.</p> <p>Could this be a Hardware problem ?</p> <p>thanks in advance.</p> 2 Sending input to command line program from text/Batch file Balram 2014-06-06T09:46:31Z 2018-09-23T06:56:26Z <p>I am a mechanical engineer with some hand on Programming in VC++. Our industry uses a DOS program &amp; that requires 8 user inputs. We have to feed it manuaaly every time. Does we can automate this process by putting input in a Text file / batch file. We want to automate this process of feeding data to command line program.</p> <p>It will be totally my pleasure to get some answer based upon your experiences.</p> 3 How to delete the "_files" folder? bytecode77 2015-04-29T20:23:31Z 2018-09-23T06:20:42Z <p>Sometimes when saving a file, for example when you save an HTML page from your browser on your hard drive, you get a folder with the suffix <code>_files</code> additionally to the file itself.</p> <p><img src="" alt="example"></p> <p>However, when you delete either one of these items, the other one gets deleted, too. Sometimes I only want to keep the file, but not the folder. Then I would have to open it in a text editor, save it under a different location and then delete those two items.</p> <p><strong>Is there a canonical way to achieve this?</strong></p> 1 Accidentally unplugged external HDD while transferring files; now windows & ubuntu can't mount it. Can I get the data from it? If not, format it? iammax 2018-09-23T01:31:44Z 2018-09-23T05:08:19Z <p>My external HDD has two partitions; one for windows and one for ubuntu. I was in Windows 10 transferring files to back them up when I accidentally knocked the cable out. Now neither OS will mount the hard drive correctly.</p> <p>If I plug it in while in windows, it shows up in "my computer" but without the volume's name (it just says "Local Disk" instead of its proper name "Windows backup"). If the hard drive is plugged in while I start disk manager/diskmgmt.msc, the service freezes with the loading sign and won't show any disks until I unplug the external. If I open the service first then plug in the external, the service does not recognize anything.</p> <p>In Ubuntu, it says it can't mount and "an operation is pending" on the windows partition (which ubuntu can see). The ubuntu partition can mount and I see the folders that are supposed to be there, but everything loads extremely sluggishly; as in I opened a folder with a single small .txt in it and the folder appeared as though it was empty for a full minute. If I try to navigate via terminal it says access is denied, even with sudo.</p> <p>I can't even format the disk becuase windows's diskmgmt and ubuntu's gparted both fail to respond. I doubt I'll be able to get any data, but how can I at least format it? What could be the problem?</p> 1 Install a PortableApp from paf in a system with limited privileges. Handle it locally sancho.s 2018-09-22T11:25:41Z 2018-09-23T05:07:31Z <p>I have a PC with Win 10. I do not have admin privileges. I can run PortableApps, and use its launcher. </p> <p>To "install" new apps <strong>I can</strong> do it from the PortableApps app installation menu.</p> <p>Now I mean to use Zotero Portable. It is not available from the PortableApps app installation menu. I obtained the <code>.paf.exe</code> file. <strong>I cannot install the <code>.paf.exe</code></strong> due to limited privileges, even if trying from within the PortableApps launcher.</p> <p>It doesn't make too much sense to me that I can do one thing and not the other. I guess internally I should be doing the same thing in both cases. So my questions are:</p> <p><strong>Why I can do one and not the other?</strong></p> <p><strong>Is there any way to actually "install" Zotero?</strong> The possibility of installing elsewhere and copying is already considered, but I mean to do it locally. I often do not have that resource at hand.</p> 41 Windows 10 Notepad can't find text MSC 2018-09-18T23:12:43Z 2018-09-23T04:54:30Z <p>When I paste this into Notepad on Windows 10:</p> <pre><code>"first_name"=&gt;"M", "surname"=&gt;"C", "country"=&gt;"Australia" </code></pre> <p>and then try to find the string "name" with <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>F</kbd>, it comes up blank:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="Notepad find"></a></p> <p>Is Notepad's Find function completely useless or am I missing something?</p> 6 Is there a way to set a system-wide keyboard shortcut to open a new chrome tab (and highlight the address bar) in Windows? jnewbery 2014-07-11T03:52:16Z 2018-09-23T04:36:56Z <p>I have a lot of really useful custom search engines in Chrome, as well as extensions that use the chrome omnibox. I do the following operation many times a day to access those search engines:</p> <ul> <li>Bring chrome to the front</li> <li>Open a new tab</li> <li>Type in my keyword and search term</li> </ul> <p>Specifically selecting Chrome to bring to the front is by far the slowest part of that operation (that's because it's context-dependant - it depends on how many applications you have in front of it if you use alt-tab to tab through your open applications, or where your mouse is if you select chrome from your taskbar).</p> <p>Far better would be to have a global keyboard shortcut that opens a new tab in Chrome from whatever you're doing and selects the omnibar. That would be completely context-free and you can let your muscle memory do the hard work.</p> <p>Is there any way to configure this? Preferably natively in windows, but failing that with a Chrome extension.</p> 0 Is it possible to make a drag-and-drop batch script that copies files? Mr. Mendelli 2018-09-23T04:07:21Z 2018-09-23T04:07:21Z <p>I'm trying to make a batch script with <a href="">Hackoo's</a> answer on <a href="">this</a> question to repurpose it for copying files instead of opening them. Is this something that can be done using a similar structure? Here is my revision of the script:</p> <pre><code>@echo off Title Drag and drop a file to open with Notepad Mode con cols=60 lines=3 IF [%1] EQU [] Goto:Error CD /D "%~1"&gt;nul 2&gt;&amp;1 &amp;&amp; Goto:Explorer_Folder || Goto :OpenFile Exit /b :OpenFile &lt;File&gt; COPY "Drag and drop your font here..." "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts" "%~1" Exit /b :Explorer_Folder &lt;Folder&gt; Explorer "%~1" Exit /b :Error Color 0C &amp; echo( ECHO You must drag and drop a font into this tool! Timeout /T 5 /NoBreak &gt;nul Exit /b </code></pre> 2 Browser dialogs (Alert, Confirm, & Prompt) not longer working in Internet Explorer & Firefox on a specific Windows install scunliffe 2014-05-14T14:52:31Z 2018-09-23T04:05:41Z <p>I have a particular install of Windows 7 that will not display the standard JavaScript dialogs from web browsers.</p> <p>e.g. These all fail, regardless how they are called on any site.</p> <pre><code>javascript:alert('A message and an OK button'); javascript:confirm('A message and an OK &amp; Cancel button'); javascript:prompt('A message, an input box &amp; an OK &amp; Cancel button', 'Default'); </code></pre> <p>The code itself is correct and not the issue. It works just fine on any other Windows PC in any browser... as well as in Google Chrome on the affected machine (since Chrome renders it's own dialogs vs. depending on the Windows built in dialogs)</p> <p>My presumption is that there is a setting somewhere in Windows that is blocking or overriding the display of these dialogs - I just have no clue what it is or where it is.</p> <p><em>Although not related I should note that all of the browsers on this PC have their Popup Blocker (for browser window popups) turned off.</em></p> 0 Is there anyway to know if my windows 7 was shutdown by the normal Menu or the shutdown command? Joshua Mccarty 2018-09-23T01:39:53Z 2018-09-23T01:46:04Z <p>Is there anyway to know if in some specific day a Windows 7 computer was shutdown using the normal "Windows button > Click Shutdown" or using the shutdown /s /t (seconds) from the command line ? Thanks</p> 4 How to boot Windows ISO installation using PXE (without Windows AIK or whatever) Sergey 2014-06-16T10:54:10Z 2018-09-23T01:01:09Z <p>I have a Linux PXE server.<br> Can boot into Linux ISO installers using PXE with no problems.<br> But how can I do it with Windows ISO? Just start the installation. Without creating some stuff (winpe) <strong>under Windows</strong>.</p> <p>I've extracted some files from <code>image.iso/sources/boot.wim</code> <code>/2/Windows/Boot/PXE/</code> to tftp root</p> <pre><code> (-&gt; wdsnbp.0) bootmgr.exe </code></pre> <p>Pointed kernel to (in pxelinux.cfg/default):</p> <pre><code>KERNEL wdsnbp.0 </code></pre> <p>That's at least something that boots and gives:</p> <pre><code>Downloaded WDSNBP... Architecture: x64 WDSNBP started using DHCP Referral. Contacting Server: (Gateway: No response from Windows Deployment Services server. Launching TFTP download failed Could not boot image: Error 0x00000001 ( No more network devices FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted. </code></pre> <p>What should I do to continue booting process? I also created a Samba share with ISO contents, but how to connect all this?<br> All the tutorials I've found are either outdated or (most) require to create an additional boot image under Windows using its tools. Is it really so sad sad situation?</p> <p><strong>Update</strong></p> <p>For Linux ISO I have something like this:</p> <pre><code>KERNEL u1404/casper/vmlinuz.efi APPEND boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsroot= initrd=u1404/casper/initrd.lz ip=dhcp -- </code></pre> <p><code>/var/lib/tftpboot/u1404</code> is a mount point for Ubuntu 14.04 ISO</p> <p>For Windows I stopped at this (and the error above) and don't know what exactly to do next:</p> <pre><code>KERNEL wdsnbp.0 </code></pre> <p>And to clarify: the question is how to do it (configure PXE for Windows ISO) in Linux environment. If I was in a hurry I'd use WDS or some other Windows tools without a question.</p> 0 Is it possible to install OS Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Fedora Linux? marion-jeff 2014-09-07T23:20:29Z 2018-09-23T00:00:32Z <p>I'm planning to have 6 operating systems in my laptop. And wanted to have more in the future.<br/><br/> I want to install 2 versions of desktop OS in windows (7 and 8.1) and a server OS in windows (Windows Server 2012).<br/> I also want to install 2 versions of Linux (Oracle and Fedora).<br/> I also want to install 1 version of Unix (Oracle Solaris).<br/> I wanted to use those OSes for my studying purposes.<br/> I'll use Oracle Linux as my main OS for programming Java.<br/><br/> If that's possible, what would be the installation order?</p> 2 Remap Ctrl to Alt and keep Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Tab herkulano 2015-10-09T12:28:39Z 2018-09-22T23:52:06Z <p>I'm using autohotkey to swap Ctrl and Alt</p> <pre><code>LAlt::LCtrl LCtrl::LAlt </code></pre> <p>This works great, but on top of this i want to keep Alt+Tab and Ctrl+Tab where they originally were.</p> <p>I've tried already a lot of different snippets of code, but none as really worked well so far.</p> <p>The closest i've got to a fully working solution, but only for the Alt+Tab and no Shift+Alt+Tab is <a href=""></a></p> -1 What exactly do I need to add into this AutoHotKey Script? Please Be A Decent Person 2018-09-22T20:35:53Z 2018-09-22T20:35:53Z <p>I noticed when I re open Firefox, windows opens it a few pixels off and in a slightly different size. So after searching for a bit, I found this:</p> <hr> <pre><code>While, 1 { WinWait, ahk_class [Window Class] WinActivate, WinMove,,,,,1024,768 WinWaitClose } </code></pre> <p>He said below, "It's an AutoHotKey script that will wait for the window to exist, resize it, and then stop until the window closes - meaning it keeps working across window openings."</p> <hr> <p>So I got AutoHotKey and started learning some functions, but the documentation is very limited and it will take me tons of searching to find out everything. Under documentation for 'While' loops for example, I could not find out what "While, 1" does. I have since found out that 1 = True, so it loops forever. I knew that could have been what it was, but I just wanted to make sure it wasnt something simple like the loop never initiated.</p> <p>The poster didn't specify what to add into the bare-bones script anywhere, and I can't comment since I don't have 50 rep (just made this account), plus the post was from 10 years ago.</p> <p>In my case, I want it to set the location and size of Firefox windows whenever they happen to exist, so I don't have to manually take frustrating minutes to get it where I want, at the size that I want.</p> <p>I don't however need to have it run continuously, just when the window first exists, but whichever is easiest is fine.</p> <p>Thank you</p> <hr> <p>Also, here is the original post: <a href="">Control startup window size of a program</a></p> <p>(The other suggestion to use Ctrl while closing didn't work)</p> 1 WinSCP error setting up directory user196513 2013-02-08T16:17:38Z 2018-09-22T18:00:27Z <p>I am getting the following error:</p> <pre><code>Reading Remote Directory: Error changing directory to '/script=E:\Data\GmousCR12\bin\Get.sftp' Cannot get real path for '/script=E:\Data\GmousCR12\bin\Get.sftp' No such file or directory. Error code 2 Error message from Server: No Such file Request code: 16 Session started. Active Session: [1] username@ipaddress </code></pre> <p>The file exist on another E drive of the same server.</p> 0 how map drive on Azure VM Windows 2012 R2 Doug Null 2018-09-22T16:52:45Z 2018-09-22T16:59:26Z <p>From my Windows 10 Pro desktop I want to map a drive to my VM. I did File Explorer > MY PC > Computers and then set drive letter and used Network Path (\mine\C) from VM > C: properties > Sharing tab > Network Path</p> <p>But desktop Windows 10 gets error: "cannot access \mine\C) … Error code 0x80070035 The network path was not found."</p> <p>Same error if I use Network Path \\c</p> 0 how to change password on my Azure Windows 2012 R2 admin account Doug Null 2018-09-22T16:48:34Z 2018-09-22T16:54:28Z <p>I log on to my Azure Windows 2012 R2 VM with Remote Desktop...</p> <p>THIS DIDN'T WORK: control panel > admin tools > Comp Mgmt > Users > my account > right-click > All Tasks > Set password: I get a scary warning that says I might lose data, and to instead use CTRL-ALT-DELETE and change password.</p> <p>THIS DIDN'T WORK: CTRL-ALT-END (its popup menu had no 'change password')</p> 1 HTA can't run ie4uinit.exe Azevedo 2018-09-18T20:59:26Z 2018-09-22T16:37:28Z <p>I'm trying to refresh desktop icons from an HTA using the following:</p> <pre><code>var shell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");"C:\\Windows\\System32\\ie4uinit.exe -show"); </code></pre> <p>I'm running it as <strong>administrator</strong> and I'm positive <code>C:\Windows\System32\ie4uinit.exe</code> exists.</p> <p>If I use the exactly same command from a vbscript <code>.vbs</code> it runs the file successfuly.</p> <p>Is it some kind of restriction? Why HTA can't run <code>C:\Windows\System32\ie4uinit.exe</code> ?</p> <p>The error message:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p>How can I make this work?</p> 0 android studio on 4k resolution user3585139 2018-09-22T15:17:24Z 2018-09-22T16:02:41Z <p>My monitor is 4k and I am running Windows 10. Android studio on my monitor is very small:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="android studio on 4k image"></a></p> <p>I have tried <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">this link</a> but it did not work.</p> <p>I looked at Windows 10 high DPI scaling override but all items are disabled.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="High DPI image"></a></p> <p>How can I use Android studio on 4k resolution?</p>