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Office 2016 activation process

We bought 10 licenses for MS Office 2016 Home & Business. I crashed with the activation problem and thanks God, I took note of which license I used in which workstation. I created a MS account for register all products under the same account. Everything happy, well, not exactly happy, but working. Suddenly, from few days ago, one of the workstation said 'Office is not activate' and give the option for phone or online activation. I tried the online activation, but there is the list with all installations (Office, Office(1), ... Office(n)) and is hard to know which I must use.

  1. I wrote the installation order, and this was the first workstation, so, I tried with the first from the list, but said is 'more than one installation using that license'. I don't know how MS organize that list.
  2. Also, from > Install from a disc > I have a disc > View your product key, I can see all keys for my products, but those are different keys, aren't the same from the boxes we got. Microsoft generate new keys in web? in that case don't have sense save the key cards because always MS will provide a new generated key?

Question: how to know which activation to use in every PC if the key in the MS account and the boxes are different??