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OneDrive and Office 2013 integration — what is this and how to disable it?

Recently I was forced to reinstall my OneDrive client and currently I'm using OneDrive 2016 (17.3.6798.0207) and Office 2013 Home (15.0.4903.1002) on Windows 7 Pro SP1 EN.

The problem

After re-installation I noticed some kind of strange integration between OneDrive and Office. And weird things (never observed before) started to happen:

  • I see messages in Office 2013 that Word, Excel etc. is currently sending file to OneDrive,
  • I see a bar in Office 2013 claiming that my local file is not the newest one, that server contains newer version of opened file and I see a button that allows me to update local file,
  • often I see error message from OneDrive that it can't sync file right now and I should try later (while it actually is syncing files normally),
  • in OneDrive, in addition to regular list of files recently updated I can also see entries with "Office is uploading file" / "Office is downloading file".

Some examples

(never seen before re-installing OneDrive, while I've been using it for about 2-3 years)

  1. OneDrive claims that Office itself is downloading or uploading something:

enter image description here

  1. Excel (Polish version) claims that I have outdated local file and offers me to perform an update:

enter image description here

The second one is specially annoying, because in the very same time OneDrive claims that I'm all set and that all my files are up-to-date.

Additional assumptions

I'm 100% positive that:

  1. I'm not logged into Microsoft Account in my Office and my Office is not connected with my OneDrive. Because:

    • I can clearly see Login button in File > Account,
    • when I create a new file and hit Save, I see Computer in Save as as default selection; when I change it to OneDrive see Create an account / Login links instead of contents of my OneDrive folder.
  2. My OneDrive for sure was updated / changed toward what I've been seeing before; I no longer see Pause sync item in context menu, but I do see never seen before View sync problems item (could missed it previously though).

  3. I have never seen these messages / features ever (before reinstalling OneDrive) and I'm using it on daily basis, quite intensively.

Since first point (and partially -- third one) clearly proves that my Office is not logged into my Microsoft account or my OneDrive then I completely don't understand how Office is able to perform anything on my account / in my OneDrive?

The question

What is this functionality? Why / when it was enabled? Can I somehow disable it?

I'd like to have OneDrive working as usually -- i.e. in a complete separation from either Office or any other program. That it would pick a file modified by any file on any computer and either upload it to cloud or download a local copy from there. Without any integration with anything. Is this possible?