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user dissapered after connection to GNU Screen

After the user logged in and before he ran the GNU Screen,

[root@15inch ~]# w
 11:45:17 up  3:44,  2 users,  load average: 0,00, 0,02, 0,00
user  pts/2     09:42    7.00s  0.03s  0.03s -bash
[root@15inch ~]# who
user  pts/2        2018-08-31 09:42 (
[root@15inch ~]# 

but after it run GNU Screen I saw nothing:

[root@15inch ~]# w
[root@15inch ~]# who
[root@15inch ~]#

only who --all shows something:

# who --all
           system boot  Aug 31 08:01
LOGIN      tty1         Aug 31 08:01               548 id=tty1
           pts/2        Aug 31 09:42              3068 id=ts/2  term=0 exit=0

the pts/2 is pseudo TTY that was created after his login via ssh. But when I try to send message to him:

[root@15inch ~]# write user pts/2
write: user is not logged in on pts/2

only direct usage of pts/2 works:

[root@15inch ~]# echo "HI" > /dev/pts/2 
[root@15inch ~]# 

is this expected behavior? Why GNU Screen hide this user from system utils?