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How can I find out which user logged in as root?

We have a couple of servers which are managed by a large group of admins. They usually log in as service users (say hudson) and then switch to root to make some small fix. This means we often can't map a change made to a person.

Does anyone have a script for Unix/Linux which can tell me which user logged in as root? Logins can be from all computers on the local LAN. Remote access from outside the LAN as root is not possible; admins must first login with a LAN user and can then promote themselves to root (they all use SSH).

What I would like is a script which follows the remote logins (in the local LAN) and print the user name for a certain time. You can assume that the script can login via ssh to any computer on the local LAN as root without being asked for a password.

Background: I have a script which saves backup copies of all files edited by root. The problem is to find out who really made the change.

Security is not an issue; this is not to find hackers which might have cleaned wtmp, it's to find out who made a mistake to give feedback.

[EDIT] Some pointers: The command last helps:

> last -t 20101029174200 root
root     pts/26       :0.0             Wed Oct 20 15:36 - 15:03  (23:27)    

wtmp begins Fri Oct  1 16:34:36 2010

So root was logged in via pts/26. Who else sat on that pseudo TTY?

> last -t 20101029174200 pts/26
adigulla pts/26       :0               Mon Oct 25 09:45   still logged in   
adigulla pts/26       :0               Fri Oct 22 14:00 - 17:29  (03:29)    
adigulla pts/26       :0               Thu Oct 21 15:04 - 16:05  (01:01)    
root     pts/26       :0.0             Wed Oct 20 15:36 - 15:03  (23:27)    
adigulla pts/26       :0.0             Fri Oct 15 15:57 - 15:57  (00:00)    

wtmp begins Fri Oct  1 16:34:36 2010

Hmm... must be me. So I can follow user changes on the local machine. If I log in to a remote machine:

$ last -1 hudson 
hudson   pts/0     Fri Oct 29 17:52   still logged in   

So I get the PTY and the IP address where I came from. How can I make the connection from the output of last for hudson to the user on

[EDIT2] Please also note that we usually change user with ssh, not sudo or su. This allows for single sign on and avoids having to tell admins any passwords. If we want to grant/revoke access to something, we simply add/remove the public key from the service account. I also know that ssh logs to syslog but the messages don't tell me which user switched to root:

sshd[7460]: Accepted publickey for root from ::1 port 36689 ssh2