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Is it possible to remap special keys on a Windows keyboard for use with Mac OSX?

So I bought a new keyboard for my Mac Pro, and it is the Microsoft Sidewinder X4. This keyboard is good for me because of it's LED backlighting and lots of features. However, upon installation, it seems that most of the nice features are dead on OSX.

In particular, the keyboard has macro keys that can be set using a "record macro" button. It also has a calculator key. The software that comes with the keyboard is the generic Microsoft IntelliType for Windows/OSX, and I installed it. However, these special keys are still dead.

Is there anyway to still utilize these keys? Even if I just had to remap the macro keys by hand to custom key-strokes, that would be fine, but I can't find a way. I tried using KeyRemap4MacBook, but it only allows remapping of OSX keys (not calculator, extra macro keys, or any keys that aren't found on an apple keyboard). Even the calculator key doesn't do anything, and I would even be happy to remap it to 'expose' or something, anything except a dead key!