I would like to know how to install autoconf, automake, and gettext on my cygwin installation. Can anyone please help me?

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    Have you tried re-running the cygwin installer? Pretty sure that was how it used to be done... – Mokubai May 7 '16 at 18:34
  • How do I run the installer again? – Reno Rex May 7 '16 at 19:55
  • @RenoRex See my answer. – DavidPostill May 7 '16 at 20:03

I would like to know how to install autoconf, automake, and gettext

Run the Cygwin installer and select the following packages:

  • autoconf2.5: Current version of the automatic configure script builder (installed binaries and support files)

  • automake: Wrapper scripts for automake and aclocal (installed binaries and support files)

  • gettext: GNU Internationalization library and core utilities (installed binaries and support files)

How do I run the installer again?

Just run the setup program you ran when you first installed Cygwin:

Install it by running setup-x86.exe (32-bit installation) or setup-x86_64.exe (64-bit installation).

Use the setup program to perform a fresh install or to update an existing installation.

Source This is the home of the Cygwin project

See Installing and Updating Cygwin Packages for more information.


I know this is an old thread but I feel the need to spread the word.

I agree with David that those need to be installed but if you need to install any package in cygwin I HIGHLY recommend using a command line package manager called "apt-cyg"! It makes installing things like this SO much easier. It allows me to get shtuff done.

You can go to the main site but I think this Stack Overflow issue is more enlightening.

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