A staff members' laptop refused to open Microsoft Word documents from a mapped network drive (the Word 2016 logo would appear, but after a few seconds would take us to the New Document page). After much searching, I discovered it was Office's File Cache that was causing the issue, so I went in to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\ and renamed OfficeFileCache to OfficeFileCache.old.

After that, Word would open, but say the cache was corrupted and needed to be repaired. I said yes, and it asked if I wanted to recover any pending uploads from Office Upload Center. I said no (as that's a feature we don't use) and it said the repair was successful.

I confirmed OfficeFileCache had been recreated, then opened a file from the network again. The same repair message appeared, and continued to appear on subsequent loads.

I then grabbed a known good cache from another user on the laptop and put that cache in. Still asked to repair. So I logged the user on on a different laptop (same model, operating system, version of Office etc., as each staff member has identical laptops) and it still asked me to repair the cache, but continue to ask to repair every time.

In the end I sent the user away and told them to click No to repairing, as that would at least let them open and work on documents.

But how can I avoid this error, short of uninstalling and reinstalling Office 365 ProPlus?

System info: Windows 8.1, Office 2016 (installed as part of Office 365 ProPlus)

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