I'm trying to have a counter in all slides of a powerpoint presentation. The counter needs be controlled a button in all slides that increases it.

I can do it for one specific slide, but when I do it with a slide master it doesn't refresh the screen during Slideshow mode. I have to exit slideshow and enter again to see the changes.

Code that doesn't refresh in Slideshow mode:

ctr = ctr + 1
ActivePresentation.Designs(1).SlideMaster.Shapes("Counter").TextFrame2.TextRange.Text = ctr

Code that works (but only applies to one slide, not all slides in presentation):

ctr = ctr + 1
ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes("Counter").TextFrame2.TextRange.Text = ctr


What about just inserting ‹Nr.› into your textbox without VBA. This will update automatically.

Or just click on SlideNumber in the Insert tab of your menu bar while your cursor is in your textbox

  • (1) ‘‘The counter needs be controlled [by] a button’’ — apparently the OP does not want something that updates automatically. (2) ‘‘from Slideshow Mode’’ — the menu bar isn't accessible in Slideshow Mode. – Scott Aug 9 '17 at 7:46

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