Microsoft forces MS Office files to be treated differently in OneDrive than other file types. I see no benefit to MS Office sync services when saving files to OneDrive (it will be backed up anyway) and it nearly cripples the use of Office, slowing down syncing and complaining when there is no internet (I often work without internet access). I have Office 2016 Pro (Not 365) and I do not login office or wish to use any of the Office Cloud features. I do use OneDrive to sync files across devices so I don't want to remove OneDrive I just want Office and OneDrive to function as two separate applications. Unfortunately Office will not allow you to save an office document to OneDrive and it will throw the Upload Blocked error and wants you to sign in. The only way to save a file to OneDrive is to save it to the desktop first then copy and paste it over to OneDrive which is counter productive. I have unchecked the Office integration checkbox in OneDrive but it doesn't seem like this does anything. The OneDrive folder is located at C:\user...\OneDrive\ so it's not like it's a remote link.

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My question is how do I disable or bypass the Office/OneDrive sync features or simply allow Offices documents to be saved to OneDrive like any other location on my hard drive?

I've been fighting this for a while and got it to work temporarily by rolling back the OneDrive version however the issue has cropped back up. I posted a question on the MS Community Forum a few months back but it was not resolved. I know it's a bad idea to copy paste the same info across two forums so I will instead provide a link:

  • You don't indicate what version of Windows you are using. – Ramhound Apr 20 at 16:51
  • Windows 10 Version 1607. – Neelix Apr 20 at 21:02
  • That was a hint to edit your question.. – Ramhound Apr 20 at 21:13

how do I disable or bypass the Office/OneDrive sync features or simply allow Offices documents to be saved to OneDrive like any other location on my hard drive?

If you don't want to sign in Office for OneDrive saving, it requires OneDrive desktop app for file syncing. Try the following settings:

  1. Open Word 2016, go to File > Account, click Sign Out for all accounts in Office.

  2. Open OneDrive app, setup your OneDrive account and sync to local drive for example: C:\Users\username\OneDrive.

  3. Right-click the OneDrive icon, make sure it is up to date status. Click Settings, under Office tab, clear "Use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open".

  4. Restart Word, open your document, click File > Save As, click Browse, go to C:\Users\username\OneDrive path, click Save.

  5. Close Word, waiting for OneDrive app syncing.

  • This does not address the problem. There is a screenshot of OneDrive with Office disabled and word signed out so I'm not sure why you would suggest this. – Neelix Apr 24 at 21:12
  • Maybe I misunderstand your requirement. I can do this way to save files to OneDrive properly. If you followed my step above, what's the results currently? and what's your expected results? – WinniL Apr 25 at 1:54

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