I have hundreds of Office files (Word, Excel, etc.) in the Documents folder on my laptop drive (C:). They are all editable (i.e., none of them is designated "Read Only"). This morning I activated my OneDrive account and copied some Word and Excel files from my C: drive to the OneDrive. After that all files on both my OneDrive and on my C: drive (including files that I did NOT copy to OneDrive) open only in Read Only mode. If I edit a file and try to save it under a new name, I get an error message that says I don't have permission to save to the folder. Basically I'm no longer recognized as the Administrator even though I'm the only user on the computer. I tried reinstalling Office 365 but that didn't work. Any suggestions?

  • Did you try editing the file permissions? (Should I explain how to do this?) I don't mean you should do this for every single file -- that would be too tedious -- I only mean for this to be part of the troubleshooting process. – aparente001 Aug 15 '15 at 18:53
  • Ah -- I found a similar question -- hope it helps: superuser.com/questions/842694/… – aparente001 Aug 15 '15 at 18:56
  • "says I don't have permission to save to the folder" -- sounds like the issue is folder permissions, not file permissions. – fixer1234 Aug 16 '15 at 1:22

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