I want to remove the crummy boxes around text show in:

enter image description here

I can't remember which package I had installed for this. Can anybody tell me how?


control + shift + p or cmd + shift + p and type package control:disable package and then type sublimelinter and click. if it doesn't work then type anaconda and click for disable


These are All linter effects, goto Preferences > Package Setting > anaconda > Settings-user and Add these lines

    "anaconda_tooltip_theme": "tooltip",
    "anaconda_gutter_marks": true,
    "anaconda_gutter_theme": "none",
    "anaconda_linter_underlines": true,
    "python_interpreter": "python3",
    "anaconda_linting_behaviour": "save-only", // Don't Want to see these if you are writing
    "anaconda_linting": false //disable permanently

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