I'm experiencing a large amount of issues while behind my clients proxy, and when connected through their VPN. This issue is not present outside of my clients network.

The client is about to deploy Office 2016 ProPlus with OneDrive for a pilot test. I would like to know if there's a Remote Connectivity Analyzer tool to run from within the network out to validate connectivity and address these issues before deployment.

The type of issues I've face with my ProPlus and OneDirve are:

  1. OneDrive for Business is stuck "Syncing" or simply unable to sync.
  2. OneDrive for Business prompts for user credentials (continues to prompt after providing the credentials).
  3. Attempting to save an office file (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) in my OneDrive for Business displays a warning message stating it's unable to upload the file.

These issues are not experienced all the time, but I do experience them quite often throughout the work week.

I'm looking for a Microsoft known tool, or a list of Microsoft recommended ports and IPs that should be white-listed.

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Microsoft has a range of tools and resources when it comes to Office 365.
Ports and Protocols are listed in the support site.


Readiness tool:


Client performance analyzer:


Client connectivity analyzer


OneDrive Troulbeshooting Guide:


If the issue is not on your system and thru a proxy or firewall you need to investigate traffic there and see if anything is getting rejected. If your network was not analyzed prior to deployment you could be overwhelming those inline devices.

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