I'm running Slackware Linux on Win7 Virtualbox. When i type a command:

ps axu | grep bash

i get two instances of bash like so:

root 1052 ... -bash
root 1053 ... -bash

Moreover when i issue users command i also get two users logged in (root root)

  • why is there two root users logged in while i didn't (explicitly) log any extra users except standard login after system startup
  • how to diagnose from where that extra logged root user came from and how to log him off?

Systems processes (started as cron jobs, for instance) can appear as bash processes run by root. That doesn't mean a user is logged in. Use ps -eaf | grep bash to have the full command line that started them. That will give you clues about their origin.


One of the ways to determine where those bashes came from is to do

pstree 1

and examine who are the parents. For the terminal I did that in, the relevant part of the output is

 │                ├─bash───tail
 │                ├─bash───pstree
 │                ├─gnome-pty-helpe
 │                ├─{gdbus}
 │                └─{gmain}

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