I am asking a general question on whether there is a way to do it.

However, the specific problem I am battling is that I went to http://foo.com and at the time the server was having problems and redirected me to http://foo.com/error.htm. The website was fixed and responds correctly, but Firefox still redirects me to http://foo.com/error.htm.

If I go to http://foo.com in private mode or in a different browser, the page renders fine. But in regular mode, Firefox just always redirects me to the initial redirect page.

P.S. Firefox 60.x, Windows 10

So how do I remove this piece of browser cache (without nuking the entire cache)?

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    How about selecting a foo.com entry in History and right click to "Forget About This Site"? I haven't used this to discriminate what is in the cache since I usually clear it, but it might work. BTW, you should add FF version and OS to your question, in case it matters. – user3169 Jun 19 '18 at 6:17

If you refresh the webpage with CTRL+F5 it should load it again without using the cache. If you type CTRL+SHIFT+I and click on webstorage you should be able to delete specific webpages from the cache.

  • There is no way to do that. Ctrl+F5 will refresh the redirected page, not the original URL.. – AngryHacker Jun 18 '18 at 21:17

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