On my old machine (Ubuntu 17.04), I added the following entries to my .zshrc:

bindkey "${key[Up]}" up-line-or-local-history
bindkey "${key[Down]}" down-line-or-local-history

On my new machine (ZSH 5.5.1, homebrew on macOS 10.13), I get the error message "cannot bind to an empty key sequence". What's missing here to get this array $key filled with escape sequences?

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the old machine anymore. The .zshrc should be the same, as I keep my dotfiles in a git repo. Maybe I forgot to add some additional file in my home directory to version control, but I can't remember and also I can't look.

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    It sounds like if the $key (associative) array is empty. You can check with print ${(k)key} which should print all keys of this array. See this question on Unix.SE where $key might get defined. – mpy Jun 28 at 16:56

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