I would like to know if I can transfer the phone calls that I get from the SIM 1 to the SIM 2 using the VOIP technology. The SIM 1 is on the xiaomi red mi 4x and the SIM 2 on the samsung galaxy note 3. Usually I use the SIM 2 on the note 3 because I have started a new account with a new network carrier that's particularly convenient,called Ho. Mobile. On the SIM 1 I have an old sim card that I use from 2003. I could do the number portability, but for the moment I do not want, because Ho. Mobile could modify the tariff plan with a higher price, so I want to wait. I could enable the transfer call on the SIM 1,to bounce the phone calls to the SIM 2,but it is too much expensive in the middle/long time. Let's also say that I don't want to turn always on the xiaomi redmi 4x. So,I've thought to use the VOIP. The idea is to transfer / bounce every phone call that I use on the SIM 1 to the SIM 2 using a SIP account. I don't know how it works deeply,can some one suggest to me if this can work ? thanks.

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  • This question is entirely off-topic here - it might belong on the Android SE. That said, the answer is no. VOIP is not the solution to your inter-sim problem. (If you have both phones on, you could conceptually use VOIP on each phone to connect to the other, but that is unlikely to work in practice as you would need software which is not off-the-shelf) – davidgo Jul 12 at 21:13
  • ok. do you have another solution for this case ? – Marietto Jul 12 at 21:18
  • This is not the appropriate forum for this discussion. You have not advised enough information (ie country & carriers, call plan details), so any answer would be speculation. One possible solution might be to port SIM1 to a VOIP provider, then use a VOIP client on your main phone to connect to that VOIP provider. This will have all calls coming to your new phone, but at the expense of using data to receive calls and probably not getting txt messages, and being less reliable - it might or might not breach your carriers rules, and porting your mobile to a VOIP provider may not be possible. – davidgo Jul 12 at 21:25
  • Using voip (or can be a long and somehow expensive trip), but you can use standard GSM code (*21*[dest_number]#) to redirect calls. ... I suggest you to port your "old" number with new carrier and use only one contract. anyway, take a look at this site: forum.telefonino.net (use an ad-blocker because that site is full of tedious ads). – DDS Jul 12 at 21:26
  • @davidgo country can be easly inferred by provider name (ho mobile is only italian) – DDS Jul 12 at 21:27