I swear, last time I used Powerpoint, there was a way to see your timings in presenter view. Or at least a progressive time bar that gave you a visual idea of where you were in your presentation.

I'm giving a presentation with 65 slides, which needs to be done in 50 minutes. Some of the slides contain videos that last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Short of hand-calculating elapsed times to put into my notes, is there any good way to get a "faster/slower" idea of elapsed time?

I used the rehearsal feature to see how long each slide should take, give or take, but I don't want slides auto advancing if I can avoid it. If the audience is busy laughing or whatever, I don't want to have to trample them to keep up with the train.

I've seen similar questions on a search, but they're all pretty old or involve creating macros and copy-pasting objects across my slideshow. I'd rather avoid that mess if I could.

I might break down and just put the timings in the notes, and/or make the slides auto-advance with "worst case" timing, but...

...geez, I wish I knew where I was getting this memory of a timer bar in the interface. The memory is cool; it used slide timings to basically show you two bars: One was total elapsed time, and the other one was a +/- graph that would let you know how ahead or behind you were in the presentation based on elapsed time and the current slide. Man, that would be fantastically useful.

  • >> ...geez, I wish I knew where I was getting this memory of a timer bar in the interface. Probably from a macro or an add-in; it's never been a built-in feature of PowerPoint. – Steve Rindsberg Aug 29 '18 at 14:52

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