In Google Docs/Sheets, I can hit Alt-/ (M-/ for Emacs users :) ) to bring up a menu that allows me to quickly search all the menus for a particular function and to select that function with [Enter] (e.g. bold, create bulleted list, change font size). This is particularly helpful because it allows me to continue typing without switching to the mouse. Is there an equivalent function within Microsoft Office 2016/Word/Excel?


In the most recent version of Word and Excel 2016, Press Alt+Q to put focus in the 'Tell Me' search field on the ribbon. You can then type to describe what you're trying to accomplish -- for example, Bold, Bullet, or Font.

Tell Me field

If the item you want is at the top of the list of returned results, you can press Enter to apply it. Otherwise, you can then press Down arrow to move focus into the list of results and go through the list of options, and then press Enter to apply the correct one. If one of the options has a submenu, press Right arrow to expand it.


You can always use the "Insert Function" button on the Formula Bar in Excel:

enter image description here

Windows: SHIFT+F3

Mac: Fn + UP + F3

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