1. Windows Version 1809
  2. Bluetooth Headset MPOW H1
  3. ASUS USB Dongle BT-400

As you can see in the picture, Windows thinks that everything is "working correctly"

enter image description here

And I definitly know that they did work a while ago, when I last worked with them, but now I can't get them to show up as Audio Device anymore.

I have tried everything, from reinstalling the drivers (official and non-offical ones), running the Windows Troubleshooter, replugging the dongle to another usb hub, enable/disable devices and restarting pc after every of those steps, but nothing helped.

Other Bluetooth Devices such as my Controllers do work on this Dongle/PC and the Headset will connect to other Devices (tested with my mobile and laptop), but i just cant get this Headset to work with this Dongle on this PC.

  • Im pretty sure its the 1809/October Update. I tried so many things for about 6 hours straight and only this PC wont turn Bluetooth Headsets into Audio-Devices. Im gonna report it to the Feedback-Hub. – Daniel Oct 13 '18 at 7:13

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