I am looking for any documentation on how to alter a current installation of ubuntu1804 WSL installed by the method detailed in the following link.


Microsoft Store is not available on this machine (company policy) and therefore an installation of the WSL and Ubuntu shell is only possible as detailed in the link above.

However due to user error the rootfs is now not located where it should be. The ubuntu1804.exe application obviously has it's installation directory written somewhere in the Windows Registry, because the application itself can be moved around freely, but the folders that emulate its file-system can not. Re-Installing is not possible either, for the same reason I assume.

I have not found a way to properly Uninstall or clear the Registry Entries automatically, hence why I'm asking the question. Any information on how or where the Registry Entries are accessible would be helpful as well.

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  • @Biswapriyo - The issue is not the installation, or (@harrymc) the activation of WSL. The subsystem is activated and the installation is successful. The issue is, that the installation was performed in the Windows Download folder, putting the root file system of the ubuntu installation in that folder, instead of somewhere more sensible. There is no way I found myself to alter the rootfs directory without breaking the ubuntu installation. Similarly I found no resources on how to remove the installation manually so a reinstall would work. Deleting rootfs will just result in a broken installation – user3026231 Oct 12 at 9:29
  • Then use LxRunOffline to move it. – Biswapriyo Oct 12 at 9:31
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