I have this script copying first month backup file from directory to another. This works fine but needs user intervention and not execute automatically. How i can silent this message ?


Here is the code:

$bak_path = "C:\Users\admin\Pictures\test"
$backup_dest = "C:\Users\admin\Pictures\paste"
get-childitem -path $bak_path -Filter "*" | 
    where-object { -not $_.PSIsContainer }  | 
    sort-object -Property $_.CreationTime | 
    select-object -last 1 | 
    copy-item -Destination (join-path $backup_dest )

Your problem is join-path. You need to supply a path and a child path. So by doing that you would get rid of the prompt. It's unclear why that join-path is there in the first place. It's likely that you could just leave it out.


This message comes from join-path, since join-path needs a -Path and a -ChildPath to work.

so your command should look like this join-path -path $backup_dest -childpath xy

but in my opinion, you don't need join-path at all.

why not just copy-item -Destination $backup_dest?

which paths do you want to join?

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