My setup is a little complex:

I have my local machine(windows), from which I access my institutions server over SSH. From there, I can access my personal server(Ubuntu 16) over ssh. This personal server is the host to a Ubuntu 12 VM, which I'll call guest

The guest VM is created using VBox

I want to use x11 forwarding on guest, so that I can plot and analyze data easier on guest.

I can use xMing, then set up a x forwarding session to my institutions server using Putty. Then from there I can SSH directly to my HOST by using SSH -X serveradress, or to my GUEST by using SSH -X serveradress -p 2222.

If I connect to my host, xforwording works, and echo $DISPLAY returns localhost:10.0. If I connect to my guest, xforwarding does not work. $DISPLAY still returns localhost:10.0.

I assume I need to change the configuration of my guest, but I have no clue what to do. Do I need to enable some port-forwarding to forward the graphical data from guest?

Related questions tell me to check /etc/ssh/sshd_config. They are identical on my host and guest, and x11 forwarding is enabled there.

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