I am trying to clean up our deployment process and give all users a clean and bloat-free desktop, start menu, and taskbar. We are using Windows 10 (1803).

My Goal is as follows {

Desktop: Icon for Recycle Bin only

Start Menu: Left Side: Standard scrolling list of all installed software. Right Side: Only icons for software installed during deployment task sequence.

Taskbar: The same icons as the commonly used items listed on the right side of the start menu. Again, only for software installed during task sequence.


So far, I have been able to implement a solution to manipulate the Desktop, Start Menu, and Taskbar using xml via group policy. All of my desired icons are arranged as I would like, .......BUT......

I cant seem to figure out how to automate the REMOVAL of icons that Microsoft adds to the taskbar when a new user first logs in, mainly Edge and Store. My GP solution adds my desired icons to the taskbar just fine, but icons for Edge, Store, and File Explorer are being automatically populated on the taskbar via a process I cannot pinpoint.

I am currently trying to write a script that will Un-pin these icons (with the exception of file explorer which I will keep, thanks) but I cant find where to point my commands to delete the correct .lnk files for these icons. Right-Clicking those programs in the start-menu does not point me to the path. Scouring various forums has led me to scripts which delete items from a User-Pinned folder, but these specific icons aren't coming from there. Again, Desktop and Start Menu are good at this point. Just the Taskbar is in question.

I am aware that simple right-clicking will solve the issue easily, but this requires user interaction, and my goal here is a truly clean deployment. I dont want the user to have to do anything after the imaging process is completed.

Thank you to anyone who can offer insight into this.

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