I am using Ubuntu Server to make a Kodi box. I'm using kodi-standalone-service to do so. I have made a shell script (sudo -S <<< "password" systemctl start kodi) to start kodi. When I run it mannually it starts kodi as expected. I need it to run at startup though. The only way I could do so (or at least I thought) was to add @reboot /home/main/startupscript.sh to crontab. And I did so. Now Ubuntu stops after the initial boot log whithout any meaningful error message. And I cant use the terminal. Can you guys help me? Could it be something to do with xorg even though I have it installed? (clearly as I can run it manually) Maybe the command is ran too soon in the boot process?

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    I assume you’ve tried systemctl enable kodi.service – Appleoddity Jan 5 at 6:07

The proper way to start a service during the boot proccess in a system that uses systemd is by using the enable option.

systemctl enable kodi.service


  • Oh thank you. I had never used a service before. Should've done a little research xd. I've still got a problem though. I can't exit Kodi. When I do it terminates the X server and stays ok "closing log file.X server" until I reboot... (Power button or shutdown signal as I'm working on a virtual machine). Is it a problem with kodi-standalone-service? – Zizico2 Jan 5 at 11:27
  • I have found a way around it. I can just use another tty. It' still bugging me though... – Zizico2 Jan 5 at 11:40
  • Glad it worked. I haven't used this service, so I don't really know how it works. – Manuel Florian Jan 5 at 19:53

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