I'm on HP Pavillion laptop (HP Pavilion 15-AU030NG) with Windows10 x 64. I'm experiencing a weird behavior of the in-build keyboard since some time:

Case 1

If i plug out my usb keyboard, so the in-build laptop PS/2 keyboard remains dead, until i restart the laptop. After restart the in-build keyboard works as expected.

Case 2 (usb-keyboard is not plugged in)

After the laptop wakes up from energy-saving mode or from hibernation state, the inbuild keyboard remains again dead - until restart. After restart the keyboard is up and riunning.

I suppose as a cause a Windows update, which has killed any service - but i could be wrong with my suppose.

Please point me to probable causes of the problem - specially to Windows services, responsible for în-build keyboard.

PS: i activated in the device manager→PS/2 keyboard an option "make waking up by keyboard possible" - no success by this.


See HP Notebook PCs - Keyboard Troubleshooting (Windows) in HP Customer Support - Knowledge Base.

The article provides step-by-step instructions on the topics:

    - Test the Keyboard
    - Pressing keys does nothing (keyboard is not working)
    - ...etc

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