I was trying to launch an electron project and noticed that in CMD, a dialog box kept appearing while I was typing electron, the weird thing is, it only happened when I typed that word. After further investigation, I noticed it was the combination of the T, R and O key, when pressed while not releasing the previous keys in that order, the system would trigger an F7 call (as though F7 were pressed). And now that I know about the issue, it seems to creep up everywhere, like in FireFox, when I type stroke, trousers or trombone. I get dialogs asking whether I want to activate "Carat Browsing". How do I stop this behaviour?

I have a very new Dell Inspiron 7570 running Win 10 1803. And I doubt this is caused by malware too. If anyone has any info, please help, it's getting on my nerve.


  • You might test with an external keyboard. This is not common behavior, and if your PC is quite new, you might exchange it for another. – DrMoishe Pippik Jan 10 at 23:39
  • Hmm, yeah, my keyboard does double press a key occasionally – Jacob Schneider Jan 10 at 23:58

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