I have buildroot readonly bootable image, which is normally loaded via TFTP in PXE enviroment. Filesystem in unpacked into ram and remounted as rw. And accidentally I wished to boot it from a USB stick and modify root filesystem content. So I thought of a "patch" system.

In a readonly image I can embed some /etc/init.d script, that, upon start, checks for /dev/sd?? drives, tries to mount them to /mnt (one at a time), seeks for /mnt/patch.sh script and executes it, then unmount and proceed to next drive.

So basically I want to iterate through all availble drives PARTITIONS in system. How to do that in shell script? (I use busybox)

In a for loop, does a ? character in /dev/sd?? meets /dev/sda for example (which i want to avoid)?


busybox shell does not interpret bash. The Debian ash (dash) variant 0.3.8-5 was incorporated with busybox release 0.52 (07/'01).

There are several differences between ash/dash and bash.

ash man

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