In Ubuntu, after I installed nbextensions with

pip install https://github.com/ipython-contrib/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions/tarball/master

my command prompt switched from user@machineName:~$ to (base) user@machineName:~$.

I understand that this is a virtual environment, but when I deactivated it, PATH was different and it didn't recognize many of the programs that I usually run.

Because I don't really know how to work with virtual environments, I simply uninstalled and reinstalled Anaconda in order to fix this. It worked.

But now I'd like to better understand what happened. As far as I can tell, the "issue" was caused by my .bash_profile whose content is (both before and after installing nbextensions:

if command -v pyenv 1>/dev/null 2>&1; then
  eval "$(pyenv init -)"

I don't need to understand every little detail of this script. Here are my questions:

  • On a high-level what is this script doing?
  • How do I make it so that when it makes me enter a virtual environment, when I leave it I can still access the usual Anaconda programs that I run?
  • What does installing nbextensions do to my system that makes it change the way that that script behaves?

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