I do not know if this is possile, but what I would like to do is manually exclude a partition from the list inside the 'Disk Defragmentor'.

My Disk Defragmentor
The 'E:' drive is effectively a spanned Partition that is load balanced for space across multipe drives.
-Via stablebit Drivepool

Windows sees it as a phsyical HDD, is there any way i am able to hide it from that menu. (I do not want to cause undo stress on the Pool, when windows attempts to defrage a viruta/meta partition that in it self can never get fragmented or even find out if it loses it's mind over it)
-I also don't want to run the risk of it re-enabling it on the schedule as well.

  • I wouldn't use any software by Piriform is owned by Avast, and they have allowed their software to be infected with Malware. As for manually excluding a partition, there is a Change Settings, which will allow you to change the schedule for a volume. – Ramhound Mar 13 at 11:18
  • i know about the 'change setting' which thankfully easy to spot. I am looking for a way to mask it. -- I already changed the scedule.. I just rather not risk being to out of it, or windows changing it's mind about my settings [which can happen from time to time] – DePhoegon Mar 13 at 19:24

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