I've had a hard time finding a concrete answer to this, even when asking the IT professional at my work. There is an accepted answer here, but I can't tell if that will actually work.

I recently purchased a new laptop for personal use that outshines my work laptop, and I would have a hard time getting my company to purchase a new one for me, so I want to use my PC for work use too.

I want to keep my personal Windows installation entirely separate and hidden from IT, but they require the computer be joined to the domain, particularly since I am a developer who has access to our source code.

I'm currently using Hyper-V with the work installation that is joined to the domain but it's a pain, and I would much rather use physical partitions.

If I have two separate Windows 10 Pro installations (2 licenses), one on my internal SSD, and the other on an external SSD, with both partitions being encrypted with BitLocker, would my personal partition be completely hidden from IT? I have yet to find a confirmation to this, but it feels like it should be; I'm just out of my element here.

If the above does not work, is there any other viable solution that does not involve a VM?

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    Would your IT department be aware you are doing this and in full support? Seems like a big violation of most companies' security policies – Eric F Mar 14 at 16:37
  • To clarify, I would only be accessing work stuff while on my domain joined account, thus enabling the IT protections etc. Furthermore I have ran this by them, and this is the hangup--anything work related needs to be done through the domain account to avoid risk. But I don't know how to keep a separate environment that is joined to the domain, that does not also expose my personal environment (except for VM). – James Mar 14 at 20:16

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