I was trying to make more room on my Windows 10 partition, so I used Gparted Live to reduce partition size by 6GB of the Ubuntu boot. The Ubuntu will still boot, but the Windows partition boots with a blue, sad face screen. I get the windows error of 0xc0000225 when starting up. I did not move the left side of the Windows partition, only expanded it, and the partition had at least 60Gb of free space in it. There were no errors while partitioning the boots with Gparted Live.

Gparted Live cannot access the partition, although I can access Windows through Ubuntu and all files are accounted for. The Ubuntu grub for dual-boot does open up. Everything works fine, I can see the Windows partition, though when I open it, it crashes. This post is also posted on the askubuntu forum (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1125476/resized-partitions-on-dual-boot-windows-10-wont-start-now) Both partitions are, I think, legacy BIOS, not UEFI.

I have tried to download a Windows 10 recovery disk onto my USB, though couldn't figure how to run it on ubuntu to use it for Windows.

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