I probably made this drive to create a virtual environment in VMware. Now I have removed the Ubuntu virtual machine from VMWare & I want to delete this DVD DRIVE E too. How do I do so?


The option to delete volume is disabled in Disk Management.

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    Please edit your question to indicate if you, mounted the disk, from within Windows. Difficult to submit an answer, indicating what you should actually do, without that vital information. – Ramhound Mar 16 at 11:14
  • okay, thanks! I will take care from now onwards. For now: problem solved by @harrymc's answer. – Manvi Tyagi Mar 16 at 13:46

This is probably an ISO file that you have mounted as a volume, and which you cannot delete using the Device Manager.

The tool to use is Windows Explorer: Right-click the drive and click Eject:

enter image description here

For more information see How to mount or unmount ISO images on Windows 10.

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