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Finding the Windows 7 product key

I have bought a Toshiba laptop and I wasn't aware that the license number is the same as the product key number; the problem is now that I can't read the license number as it's been almost deleted so is there any other way to know the license number / product key number?

Many thanks

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  • There are many applications on the internet that do this, of course I would not suggest using any of them, because most of them are connected to less then moral actions ( i.e. piracy ). I suggest you contact Toshiba for your product key. – Ramhound Jul 24 '12 at 11:33

I've found that the free version of Magical Jelly Bean works well to gather various Windows keys from your registry.

It will grab the key for your OS, as well as any Office products

You can also try ProduKey which allows you to retrieve not only windows key but also office keys. ProduKey link

Enchanted Keyfinder is an open source fork of Magical Jelly Bean, since Magical Jelly Bean went the route of a paid tool.

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