I’m not using a normal Apple Keyboard on my Mac. It’s a standard ISO keyboard with a German Layout. Unfortunately this keyboard is not supported by OSX by default. So some keys are not working right. Apple uses some different layout for special characters. So I created my own keyboard layout and installed it on OSX. This is working just fine. I have a symbol in the menubar to switch the layout. This is necessary because I also have the internal keyboard of the MacBook that is using the Apple layout.

The problem is that my layout works fine for most applications. But there a some that keep switching the layout to the Apple default one. For example the Apple Mail App or Parallels Desktop. This drives me nuts: Some applications have a different layout.

In the system setting there is an option for the input source. I set it to “Use the same one in all documents”. But it still changes the layout in Mail. The funny thing is that if Mail is active I can’t switch the keyboard layout manually. I can select it, but it just won’t switch it.

Hope somebody can help me.

  • I’ve got the same problem. Only with Mail, all other applications use the right keyboard layout. What did you use to create the custom keyboard layout? I used Ukulele – Jakob Stoeck Apr 3 '13 at 15:05

If the keylayout is in ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/, try moving it to /Library/Keyboard Layouts/. It normally enables using keyboard layouts in password dialogs and the login window.

You can also disable the default input sources by editing the HIToolbox plist.

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