I've created a user called "user". I want this user to be able to login to ssh using an SSH Key.

I have done the following:

  • created a folder called .ssh inside /home/user and chmoded it to 700
  • created a file called authorized_keys inside /home/user/.ssh/ and chmoded it to 600
  • added the public key i generated with puttygen into the authorized_keys file
  • restarted ssh

Now when I try to login to hostname.com with the private key generated with puttygen I get that error server refused our key and disconnected: no supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

When I did this for the user root it worked fine, what am I doing wrong here?

  • Does user own his home folder and all its contents? – Dennis Feb 25 '14 at 2:57
  • Yes user owns /home/user and everything inside it – Kent Feb 25 '14 at 3:56
  • 1
    After giving the user user a password it worked. – Kent Feb 25 '14 at 4:10

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