I have important MS Excel file data and unfortunately got corrupt due to virus attacks, so my crucial Excel sheet got lost, How to repair corrupt MS Excel (XLS and XLSX) Files. If have any solution please assist me.

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A corrupt Excel spreadsheet can be repaired by using the Open and Repair technique. It is a built-in repair function that opens a corrupt Excel file forcefully.

  • Open MS Excel, press Ctrl+O, then locate the corrupt Excel spreadsheet and select it.

  • Click on the arrow shown besides the Open button, select Open and Repair.

It will take just a few seconds to be completed and the selected file will be opened, if possible.


When I have had an Office file that the original Office application can't open, I've used LibreOffice to open it, and had a fair success rate at it. Once opened, you can re-save as a new Excel document (taking care not to overwrite the original, in case this doesn't repair your file properly) and then opening that file in Excel.

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