There is IPTV service provided over VLAN 892 from my service provider. I have got set-top box from my ISP and I use it normally. But sometimes I wish to watch same TV channels from my windows 7 PC. I have the dhcp ID and password for IPTV service.

Can anybody suggest how to connect to that VLAN 892 where IPTV is provided on my windows PC?


So far, the only options I know are:

  • Recommended: Get a managed switch, and configure one port for the apropriate VLANs. (My old home gateway, running OpenRG, used to have very convenient configuration for this.)

  • Install HyperV and use its virtual networks feature to create virtual interfaces that are bound to a specific VLAN. They'll be usable from the host too, even if you don't have any VMs. (Although, I think you'll need Windows 8 for this...)

  • Some network card drivers have a VLAN setting in their device properties (in Device Manager); however, they usually only allow specifying one ID, unless you have server-grade NICs (and corresponding drivers).

  • Use Linux, where it's literally just ip link add link eth0 name eth0.892 type vlan id 892. Probably not an option for a desktop, but it's an irreplaceable tool for me.

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