I'm using a Chromebook with an azerty keyboard. I want it to connect to a Windows server using RDP. I'm using Chrome RDP as it is the only one that I found that actually will connect. However, for some reason, when connected the keyboard settings are never right.

When I set up the Windows server with a US keyboard layout, it actually types azerty for the letters, but the numbers and symbols appear as on a qwerty keyboard. When I set it up as a Belgian (Period) keyboard (what it should be), the opposite happens, letters as if qwerty, but symbols and digits correctly.

Anybody have any idea how to solve this?

  • Same problem here with a french keyboard. Moreover I have this issue : When I am in the strange azerty/qwerty mode described by Tom, I hit [Alt Gr]+[0] to get the "@" character and I get a "0" ... and the keyboard switch to qwerty !!! It is definitely related to "Chrome RDP" as everything works fine with rdesktop or the Windows client – PhE Jun 3 '15 at 12:13

The Chrome RDP extension doesn't handle correctly keyboard translation .

We found an alternative for having a working RDP solution on a Chromebook that handle keyboard translation (French in our case) : Guacamole. It is a HTML5 remote desktop gateway which uses FreeRDP. You get a full HTML5 RDP client that work well on a Chromebook.

All of our keyboard translation troubles on Chromebook have been fixed.

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