I have these old config files in a proprietary .vpl format for my ipsec VPN. Newer fortigate applications use XML. How can I either convert this, or export a new IPSec VPN config file in XML. I have a Fortigate 100D. I can't find any documentation and cannot find the option, I know you can control fortigate via terminal so if that's the only way so be it, but if a GUI solution is possible in the admin panel please let me now.

Thanks a ton!


Solution 1 :

You can create a new XML file according to your VPN Config here is the full and easy documentation about xml format on fortigate

Solution 2 :

Fortigate provide a tool "FortiClientTools" you can use it to import your .vpl configuration file. and then export it to New XML Format v4.3/v5.0

Exported config files that are encrypted will likely have a filename extension of .sconn; unencrypted config files should be appended with .conn.

For newest version 5.x of FortiClient, just change the filename extension from .sconn; .conn to the newer format .sconf; .conf.

Then use Menu -> Preferences -> General -> Restore

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