Asian Hospital launches Successful Aging Program, introduces creation of the Asian Brain Institute

//Asian Hospital launches Successful Aging Program, introduces creation of the Asian Brain Institute

Asian Hospital launches Successful Aging Program, introduces creation of the Asian Brain Institute

Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) launched the Successful Aging Program under the Brain Wellness Center, through a fun fair titled “Fit for Good: A Holistic Way towards Lifelong Wellness” on November 18, 2017.

Each year, 58 million people turn 60, which is equivalent to almost two persons every second. According to the reports of the United Nations Population Fund, people aged 60 or over represent almost 11.5% of the global population. With the continuous increase of life expectancy, brain health predicts quality of life, functional dependence, and risk of institutionalization.

The Fit for Good program, aimed to raise awareness on living a healthy life and achieve optimal brain health for adults aged 50 and above, comprised various significant health-related activities, which include Tai Chi session, discussions on successful aging, pros  and cons of gadget use, fall prevention at home, and diet and brain health.

The program officially started with the opening remarks of AHMC’s President and Chief Executive Officer Mr.  Andres M. Licaros, Jr., the Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Jose Acuin, MD, and the introduction to the Asian Brain Institute’s creation by Program Director Ana Marie Javelosa, MD, which was then followed by the Fit for Good’s fun fair activities.

The Tai Chi: The Gentle Way to Strengthen activity aimed to improve the strength and balance, and provide physical and mental relaxation through careful body movements, breathing, and meditation. It was facilitated by AHMC’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Human Performance Center Manager Mr. Arman Bajacan.

A talk on Successful Aging was also discussed by Clinical Psychologist Ms. Corazon Fernandez from the Allied Medical Professional Department, followed by the “Gadgets Galore!

Pros and Cons of Tablets and More” talk led by Alvin Cenina, MD from the Department of Neurosciences, where the use of digital media and computer-based activities in enhancing the brain and building a person’s cognitive reserve was tackled.

Covering the topics on physical and mental health, fitness activities and workshops, the Learning, Art, and the Brain activity facilitated by the MAGIS Creative Spaces’ Dance Therapist Joey Atayde brought therapeutic experience through dance and movements.

Fall-related injuries are common among older adults. In preventing such incidence, the talk on Preventing Falls at Home was discussed by Mr. Arman Bajacan where he provided tips to identify and prevent hazards in different areas of one’s home.

Diet and brain health are essential in living a full and well life. Ms. Juvy Martillos-Sy, AHMC’s Chief Nutritionist-Dietitian, tackled the topics on “Fake and Real News on Natural Brain Supplements” and “What is on the MIND Diet? Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay Diet”, followed by a hands-on demonstration on the preparation of a healthy diet.

The Successful Aging Program is one of the many initiatives of AHMC’s Brain Wellness Center in supporting and promoting strategies to achieve healthy brain aging and optimal lifelong wellness.

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