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The Asian Brain Institute is a specialized center for the promotion of optimal brain health, the treatment of neurological conditions, as well as for education and research in the field of neuroscience. It combines clinical excellence and innovation, patients and family-centered, multi and interdisciplinary approach to providing holistic care for patients and neurologic conditions, and those who are at risk.

Our goal is to deliver multidisciplinary, value-based healthcare to our neurology patients through various programs and services that are aligned with internationally acceptable clinical guidelines and the Joint Commission International.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Excellence
Respect for Diversity
Customer Focus
Personal Accountability
Passion for Results
Sense of Purpose
Social Responisbility

Our Mission

The Asian brain Institute will be the LEADER in bringing renowned, accessible, and innovative neurological healthcare to ALL.

Our Vision

The Asian brain Institute shall be a multidisciplinary center that offers comprehensive and competent interdisciplinary neurological care with compassion and integrity.

Neurocritical Care Center

The Neuroscience Intensive Care and Acute Stroke Units admit acutely-ill neurological patients requiring resuscitation and support. Patients are provided appropriate therapies to treat primary brain injury, minimize secondary neurological injury and medical implications, and expedite and facilitate the patient’s transition to a recovery environment.

Acute Neurocritical Care

  1. The Brain Attack Pathway to identify eligible patients for thromobolysis
  2. Mechanical thrombectomy for large vessel strokes
  3. Decompressive hemicraniectomy for malignant infarcts
  4. Intracerebral and subarachnoid hemorrhage
  5. Trauma and post-neurosurgical conditions
  6. Management of increased intracranial pressure
  7. Status epilepticus management

Transition to Recovery

  1. Initiation of early rehabilitation and mobilization protocols
  2. Patient of family education using multi-media based education
  3. Caring for a neurologic family member at home – in coordination with Home Care Services

Post-ICU Care / Chronic Care

  1. The following activities are implemented in coordination with Home Care Services:
  2. Access to care
  3. Supportive groups
  4. Caregiver training and identifying caregiver burden
  5. Psychiatric evaluation and support

Preventive Strategies – In coordination with Brain Wellness projects

Continuing Medical Education

Brain Wellness Center

Asian Hospital and Medical Center had a soft launch of the Brain Wellness Center on May 11, 2015. It is an integrated and patient-centered facility that offers a holistic program for general brain health and various brain disorders from prevention to early recognition and management.

The Brain Wellness Center caters to “worried-well” clients, as well as patients with impairments. It aims to provide a place to improve brain health, maximize cognitive potentials, decrease the risk of brain disorders and manage brain health problems.

What is the Brain Wellness Center for?

The Brain Wellness Center is an integrated, patient-centered facility that will provide care, from prevention to early recognition and management for general brain health and various brain disorders and one of which is Dementia.

The Brain Wellness Center Team

The roster of specialists under Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Brain Wellness Center includes adult neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatric neurologists, rehabilitation medicine specialists, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and psychometricians. They work together seamlessly to give our patients multidisciplinary care tailored-fit to address their unique needs.

  • Ana Marie A. Javelosa, FPNA (Section Head, Brain Wellness Center)
  • Alvin Rae F. Cenina, FPNA (Program Head, Memory Wellness Program, BWC)
  • Maria Corazon I. Fernandez (Clinical Psychologist, BWC)
  • Michael G. Montales, RN (Manager, Lifestyle Medicine Center)
  • Alnie M. Medina (Assistant Manager, Lifestyle Medicine Center)
  • Minnie Joy V. Tumagan, RPm (Psychometrician, Brain Wellness Center)


Memory Wellness Program

This is a program designed to evaluate the patient’s memory function and identify risks of memory decline. The team provides neurocognitive screening, a comprehensive evaluation for patients with cognitive disorders as well as family sessions to educate the patients’ families and caregivers about the appropriate care plan.

Memory Screen Panel
A set of blood tests routinely tested for patients with memory complaints (e.g., Vit. B12)

Vascular Risk Screening
A set of blood tests to assess the risk of developing vascular illnesses

Neurocognitive Screening
A set of cognitive and memory tests designed to give an overview of which cognitive domains are most affected

MRI Dementia Screening Protocol

Comprehensive Screening Packages
All of the above with EEG and follow-up Basic Cognitive Testing in 6 months

Basic Cognitive Testing (Inpatient/Outpatient)
Includes battery of basic memory tests

Stroke Risk Assessment

A Value Health Care to people with high risk of stroke due to family history or lifestyle. It includes series of blood testing, a nutritional consult with our Dieticians, a memory and stress screening with our Psychometrician, and an exercise assessment with our Physical Therapist. It is a medical management created to help patient and doctors detect the risk of having Stroke and promote healthy lifestyle.

Movement Disorder Screening

A diagnostic procedure which involves taking the patient’s family history, history of symptoms, and performing a physical examination (including neurological examination) and referral for other various diagnostic tests (e.g. blood tests, imaging tests).

Epilepsy Center

The center provides both routine out-patient as well as in-patient care to individuals with seizures or epilepsy. Prolonged monitor can be provided to individuals with difficult to diagnose or those with uncontrolled seizures (i.e. intractable or refractory epilepsy).

  1. Routine electroencephalography (EEG)
  2. Prolonged (24-hour) EEG monitoring
  3. Dietary advise for ketonic diet

Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders Clinics

Movement Disorders Clinic

In and outpatient evaluation of walk-in and referrals for evaluation of patients with movement disorders. The Center to eventually be recognized as a referral base of these disorders.

Deep Brain Stimulation

A form of Functional Neurosurgery refers to the treatment of brain and spinal cord conditions where normal function is altered but the structure may or may not be normal. The primary diseases treated are movement disorders (dystonia and Parkinson’s disease), chronic pain, epilepsy, and treatment resistant psychiatric diseases (primarily obsessive compulsive disorder and major depression).

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injection Clinic

Contact Us

Brain Wellness Center
4th Floor, Tower 1

Trunkline: 771 – 9000 loc. 8444