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I Am Chrys One – Chrysanthemum…Health & Long Life

This Center provides Medical-Hematology-Pediatric oncology services – dedicated to treating adult and pediatric patients, by using medications taken by mouth, injection, or infusion, including internal medicine and pediatric medicine interventions.  Medical and paediatric oncologists work in a multidisciplinary setting with radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, radio-oncologists, others to tailor the best treatment plan possible for each cancer patient.


PEDIATRIC-ONCOLOGY/HEMATOLOGY CLINIC (currently done at 2nd F T2-Emmanuel, 8-7 M-S, phone # 7719000 loc 8240  )

Cares for children, adolescents, and young adults primarily with cancer.  Its mission is to treat and cure children particularly with cancer diseases by understanding their special needs and providing them with comprehensive, compassionate family-centered, state-of-the-art clinical care and education from diagnosis through recovery. Paediatric oncologists also care for children with blood diseases as well as childhood cancer (oncology – childhood cancers and haematology – e.g. haemophilia).  

ADULT-MEDICAL ONCOLOGY CLINICS (currently done at LGF T2-Conquer C 8-5 M-F, phone # 8765842  , and 2nd F T2-Emmanuel, 8-7 M-S, phone # 7719000 loc 8240 )

Offers streamlined, efficient care by a multidisciplinary team of specialists – consultation, counselling, treatment and monitoring. This coordinated approach allows offering novel, intensive and cutting-edge cancer treatments and therapies (electrochemotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biological therapy, hormonotherapy, gene therapy, management of treatment side effects, and management of cancer complications).  The medical oncologists manage the ACI cancer patients’ medical needs as they relate to systemic cancer therapies.

ADULT HEMA-ONCOLOGY CLINICS (currently done at 2nd F T2-Emmanuel, 8-7 M-S, phone # 7719000 loc 8240  )

Offers streamlined, efficient care for adult patients with blood malignancy (leukemia, multiple myeloma, others) – consultation, counselling, treatment and monitoring. Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biological therapy, management of treatment side effects, and management of cancer complications are offered.

CHRYS I INFUSION UNIT (currently done at 4th Floor, Tower 2; 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday, phone # 7718461  )

The Infusion Unit is Chrys I Center’s main Ambulatory Procedure Services provider, offering the following procedures for cancer and non-cancer patients:

  • Parenteral Drug Administration Service (IV push,  IM, Subcut/Loco-Regional injection, VAD, PICC, IV- single day <=4 hours infusion):
    • Oncology drug  administration (chemotherapy, hormonotherapy, biological therapy, immunotherapy, gene therapy)  
    • Antibiotic drug administration
    • Anti-dote drug administration (e.g., versus animal bites, hypersensitivity, poison)
    • Vaccine administration(e.g., versus flu, pneumonia, hepatitis, HPV)
    • Rheumatology drug administration (e.g., versus SLE, RA)
    • Hydration & electrolyte administration
    • Bone drug administration (e.g., bisphosphonate, denosumab)
    • Supportive drug administration (e.g., G-CSF)
    • Other drug administration (e.g., eye diseases)
  • Blood products administration
    • Blood transfusion (e.g.,
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy (adult)
  • Spinal tap and intrathecal drug administration (adult)
  • Medical Device Management – refill and maintenance of port pumps, venous access device irrigation, and implanted venous access device declotting
  • Surveillance along continuum of care (pre-treatment, during, post treatment)
    • Education and Information
    • Monitoring

CHRYS SPECIALTY PHARMACY (LGF, Tower 2; open 8 am to 5 pm, phone # 771900 loc 5978  )

The Chrys Specialty Pharmacy is an outpatient pharmacy conceived to primarily serve ACI for the special needs of patients with complex disease conditions like cancer and other chronic ailments (hence the name ‘Chrys’) – administratively under Hospital Pharmacy. It provides a wide range of High Quality anticancer drugs and prescription drugs (including nutritionals and medical devices and cosmetic paraphernalia) related to cancer treatment and its co-morbidities at very reasonable prices.

The Chrys Specialty Pharmacy offers integrated coordination of coverage for PCSO patients and other patient assistance drug access programs of 3rd party agencies (e.g., pharmaceutical companies). This will ease the financial burden of cancer treatment cost for cancer patients and their families.  The AHMC PCSO Desk has been a tremendous partner in access to medicines and radiotherapy of ACI patients.  The Asian Hospital Charities Inc also provides a modest annual budget for low-resourced AHMC cancer patients.


The Oncology Drug Compounding Unit (within Chrys Specialty Pharmacy) provides a dedicated, on-site pharmacy ensuring that patients in Chrys 1 Infusion Unit and In-Patient Ward are receiving only the safest, most comprehensive care during oncology chemotherapy.  The clinical pharmacists are responsible for communicating closely with the oncologists, oncology nurses, and others with Chrys 1 IFU needs. Extensive safety measures are taken during both the preparation and administration of chemotherapy.  Electronic order entry systems are used to prevent medical errors, and multiple checks of the patient record and dosing parameters are also in place to prevent any mistakes from occurring.

Cherry Marquez, MD (Medical Oncologist) – Center Coordinator

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currently done at LGF T2-Conquer C 8-5 M-F, and 2nd F T2-Emmanuel, 8-7 M-S