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I Am Conquer C – Yes, You Can!

The Conquer C Center has a highly experienced treatment team (radiation oncologists, interventional radio-oncologists, nuclear oncologists, medical physicists, radiation technologists, radio-oncology nurses, others) dedicated to providing state-of-the-art therapy in a setting that is supportive and compassionate.  This team collaborates closely with the medical, surgical, dental, and supportive care teams of the other ACI Centers.

The Conquer C Center offers SERVICES in:


  • With the latest version of the Tomotherapy HAD-H Series machin (with CTScan for Planning), which uses stationary radiation beams to precisely target atypical tumors over a wider variety, treating patients with nil compromise, enabling planning and delivery of highly sculpted dose distributions, the only such machine in the Philippines. ¬†Specialized procedures like Stereotactic Radiation Surgery (SRS) and Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) can be done.
  • With the latest version of the Brachytherapy with cobalt source, capable of High Dose Rate radiotherapy.
  • Other high-end radiotherapy machines are in plan


Nuclear Oncology is an arm of Nuclear Medicine Unit and offers:

  • Diagnostic bone scintigraphy
  • Therapeutic iodine-131
  • Tumor-specific radio-pharmaceuticals (eg, SIRT-selective internal radiation therapy)


Interventional Radiology (under Radiology Department) offers image-guided minimally invasive surgery, using the most advanced diagnostic and molecular imaging techniques, and non-invasive therapies. The minimally invasive therapeutic procedures include:

  • Radio-Frequency Ablation (RFA) which uses localized thermal destruction of tissue (tumors) by radiofrequency waves
  • Chemo-embolization, which is image-guided treatment delivering cancer treatment (chemotherapy) directly to the tumor through its blood supply
  • SIRT, in collaboration with Nuclear-Oncology
  • Image-guided thoracentesis and paracentesis
  • Image-guided biopsies