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The Diabetes Center of Asian Hospital and Medical Center offers customized health check-up packages designed to give adults of all ages the best value for money and convenience.

Lifestyle Wellness Screening Program

Diabetes is now a major public health concern in the country. According to the latest National Nutrition and Health Survey, 5 in every 100 Filipinos have high fasting blood sugar (FBS) or hyperglycemia, an indicator of diabetes. The survey also showed that 3 in every 100 Filipinos have impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or “prediabetes”, which, if not controlled, may progress to full-blown diabetes in a few years.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Lifestyle Screening Program is designed to help an individual adopt a healthy lifestyle and make informed decisions to achieve a lifetime of fitness and wellness. It is a holistic, customized health screening program supervised by a multidisciplinary team of specialists.

Each package consists of a range of diagnostic tests specific for a particular age group and gender, and corresponding set of health risk factors. You can avail of the Executive Check-Up on an outpatient basis, spending just a half day for the procedures and tests. By the time you’re done with all the procedures, you will have the results of your Executive Check-Up and these will already be discussed with you by the doctor. You may also opt to go through the Executive Check-Up as an inpatient with an overnight stay.

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For inquiries or to set an appointment, call the Center for Executive Health Trunkline:
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