Admission for Emergency Cases

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Admission for Emergency Cases

A guide to arrangements on admission for emergency cases.

  • In the event of an emergency, admission to Asian Hospital and Medical Center is arranged through the Emergency Room.

  • All financial interactions will be deferred for any patient in critical condition until his or her condition is stabilized.

  • In our triage area, patients are promptly assessed and monitored.

    After a quick assessment, patients can be transferred to enclosed observation areas within the emergency services complex, which offer more privacy and are conducive to healing.

    Critically ill patients are monitored closely with our cardiac monitor

    Highly accessible, our well-equipped treatment area provides quick and intensive care for trauma and critically ill patients.

Contact Emergency Services

Direct line: (632) 876-5807
Trunk line: (632) 771-9000 ext. 8195 / 8196 / 8197
Ambulance Hotlines – (632) 771-9000 ext. 5739 / 5740 / 5741

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