Admission for Non-emergency Cases

//Admission for Non-emergency Cases
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Admission for Non-Emergency Cases

A guide to arrangements on admission for non-emergency cases.

  • Arrangement for admission is made during a patient’s appointment with the doctor at our Medical Office Building.

  • Fill out a pre-admitting record. This will be forwarded to the Admission Department.

  • During admission, please inform our Admitting Staff if you plan to use your HMO, health insurance, or corporate credit line to pay for your hospitalization.
    Our staff will inform you if your particular HMO, health insurance company, or employer has an existing direct billing arrangement with the hospital.
    Kindly ensure that your HMO, health insurance, or employer will submit a Letter of Authorization/Guarantee to the hospital upon discharge.


    50% of estimated financial responsibility. Collected prior to admission.

    100% of estimated cost of the operation or procedure.

    If you have a local third party insurance, or overseas insurance covered by a contract between the hospital and insurance company, you will be required to pay the estimated co-pay and deductibles in accordance with your third party policy.

  • The Doctor’s Office will advise you of the day and time of your admission.

  • On the day of admission, proceed to Guest Services located at the lobby. They will usher you throughout.the process from coordinating with Admissions Office to escorting you to your room.


    Patients scheduled to undergo surgery must follow the following Pre-Operative Anesthesia Instructions:

    A fasting period prior to the operation is required. No drinking nor eating.

    • For ADULTS: 6 hours before surgery.
    • For CHILDREN aged 2-6: 4 hours
    • For NEWBORN to age 2 YRS OLD: 2 hours.

    However, patients may take morning medications (e.g. antihypertensive, anti-angina) with very little sips of water.

    You will be admitted not later than 8:00 pm on the night prior to the day of the operation.

    Be at the hospital at least two hours before the scheduled operation.

    • Please bring:
    • pre-anesthetic evaluation form
    • lab results
    • chest x-ray results
    • clearance forms from other doctors
    • history/PE forms completed by surgeons
    • Surgeon’s order sheet.

    We advise you to bring along a companion who can take you home after the procedure.